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TheoTown is a city simulation game for Android, iOS and PC. Give it a try... :space

We have an awesome discord server at discord.gg/theotown. Let's chat together!

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Obelisk v1

Hello friend, I have created a new decoration for your city or metropolis, it is my first functional plugin and it is in its version 1.0 if you have errors, let me know :D

Aquí tengo las imágenes en el juego:


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Bamboo Forest

Hi There!



Bamboo is the fastest growing plant all over the world, although it does not grow in the game. :) Bamboo origin in China, also known as the Chinese cultural relics logo.

It is a pity that there is no panda in the game.

There are two kinds of Bamboo in the pilugin.Long and short bamboo.

#Major Author:YuQian,Anssss

#Plugin Version: AlphaⅡ

#Game Version: Latest

#Plugins Type: Plant

#Support Language:English,Chinese

#Chinese Name:竹子
Bamboo Forests by TCPS Team.zip
(9.41 KiB) Downloaded 13 times

If you want to download our latest beta plugin, you can visit our official website:

(Our offical website has been changed)


You can also contact us by email:

TCPS Member4.png

Never forget:We are TCPS.

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