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TheoTown is a city simulation game for Android, iOS and PC. Give it a try... :space

We have an awesome discord server at discord.gg/theotown. Let's chat together!

  • Global announcements

TheoTown66 released!

We are with big honour to announce the beta/early access release of TheoTown 66 update for Android and Windows platforms coming out today!🎉🎊✨

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1084 ... wn/?beta=0

Discord: https://discord.gg/VPKXKUD

Android: You will receive an update soon (beta first) :)

In case you wonder how TheoTown on PC stores data:

Navigate to your home directory, you'll find there a folder called TheoTown that contains a similar file structure to the TheoTown folder on Android. For example for me that's located in: C:\Users\JustAnyone\TheoTown :)


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Marina Pack

This time, I present you a plugin that I'd wished, it was a real plugin at the start and I've gone ahead and done it,The Marina Pack !

You may've wanted to expand your marina or make a better one and with this you can finaly achive it.

Marina Pack has the properties of a road but it's narrower and on the sea, I've made a line tool too to make our life easier plus on top of that like always I've made some decorated versions of some textures in this case, docked boats, all from my Maritime Pack.

These of course can be put on land but it may result in some graphic bugs.

I as one can expect, have taken the original pier texture from in-game marina,made by the creators of the game,Lobby&Theo.

The lamp and the breakwater textues' creator is MDK.


Marina Pack.zip
(47.84 KiB) Downloaded 8 times

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Meerjungfrau Skulptur

Statue of a Mermaid

Lot is only buildable on water

Category: Landmark

Size: 1x1

4 variations of lots (I could not decide for a mermaid, so I leave that to you ;) )

limited to a maximum of 1 buildings

Price: 800 T / monthly cost: 1 T

Effective culture range: 80

power / water consumption: 0 T

translated from German with the Google translator



Note to the bronze sculpture, in the game she does not really look like this, more like a sea monster O_o

Download: in the game or
RapidBirds Meerjungfrau.zip
(10.94 KiB) Downloaded 7 times

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