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TheoTown is a city simulation game for Android, iOS and PC. Give it a try... :space

We have an awesome discord server at discord.gg/theotown. Let's chat together!

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iOS version, 50% off

Hello @everyone , I have some awesome news regarding the iOS version of TheoTown:

Apple included it in their "Made in Germany :flag_de::heart:" story. As a result you'll get 50% off on the iOS version for one week:



The 3rd of October marks an historical date here in Germany. On that day in 1990, the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic were unified to become one nation.

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New Supply System 2.1 (Revision)

With the help of @Lobby, we were able to finish the project as soon as possible.

Here is a new system on how you will approach the energy and water supply, just a few revision and adjustments on the value and the order of obtaining. This is just the origin part, there will be more improvements!

I would like to thank the following for allowing me to study and create from their plugin:

Theo and Lobby - For the default in-game energy and water supplies, and default buildings

@KoalaGuy - The Total Management

@Bearbear65 - The Science Laboratory 1st Generation and the Geothermal Power Plant

@KINGTUT10101 - For the graphics of the Optional Power plant

@mdk_813 - The reworking on the design of the Hydroelectric Power Plant and the red light

On the next update, the coal industry. The mining site would be added. <-- Would take a while, re-ordered my priorities of plugin making.


1.1 - Reworked design of hydroelectric power plant

1.2 - Amended the productivity of Energy sources to make it harder

1.3 - Fixed the geothermal power plant and added the gray railing hydroelectric power plant

1.4 - Added another Power Plant and new version of science laboratory

2.0 - Jumped into 2 because it is not a challenge update, but an ordinary update with additional building, removed building, removed requirements, and revised power supply and costing. New building is Waste-to-Energy Plant , an old graphic by Lobby and Theo. Welcome to the new phase.

2.1 - Reduced cost values, added another form of value, added an upgrade.

Waste-to-Energy Plant.png

Advisory: Please delete the old version from your plugin.Also, Do not use the sandbox mode and start a new map (probably use hard) so that you might feel the effect.
New Supply System.zip
(43.23 KiB) Downloaded 1146 times

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[Commercial] PTT

(2.7 KiB) Downloaded 386 times

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