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    TheoTown is a city simulation game for Android, iOS and PC. Give it a try... :space

    We have an awesome discord server at discord.gg/theotown. Let's chat together!

  • Lua Sandbox
    :lua: Here you can play around with Lua code. See the Lua API or chatbox for information about what you can do using Lua in TheoTown. For general interest in making plugins, have a look into our getting started guide.

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    for i = 1, 10 do print(i * i) end Debug.toast('Hello world ヾ(≧▽≦*)o')
    Interactive Lua editor

  • News

    Freemium version for iOS

    We are glad to announce that from upcoming update forth, we will be able to bring you TheoTown IOS for free, just like on Android. This means it will become accessible to all who wish to play it. Switched from an android phone to an iPhone, but have no money to spare? Not a problem anymore!

    For all of you who have bought TheoTown IOS previously, do not worry. You have not wasted your money. You will keep your premium version of the game just like nothing has happened. Furthermore, you will continue to receive updates of the game.

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  • Newest Plugins

    Category Diagonal :D

    I'm going to update my plugin since I made a category :66:
    icon road diagonal.zip
    (712 Bytes) Downloaded 2 times
    Credits: Lobby(texture)

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    French Public Housing Projects Pack

    Hello , here is third of my new plugins for the special 14th June 2021 plugin release :)

    It is a collection of French Public Housing Projects .
    I made them as a standalone pack because it can takes quite some plugin space .

    I tried to make some interresting ones , in order to not make very repetitive buildings .
    The Aillaud / Cloud Tower was the first one i made for this pack around the end of 2019 , but I never finished to make the other color variants . So , it stayed unused before i decided to create this pack .

    I made this pack because i wanted to create realistic public housing projects in my Theotown city , and the ones i made for the original French Pack ( especially the 2x2 ones ) are pretty bad in my opinion .

    The buildings included are :

    - 3 height versions 4x4 Aillaud / Cloud Towers ( Tours Nuages ) from Nanterre
    - 2 low and higher 5x5 " Tours Neyrat " from Clermont-Ferrand
    - 3 2x2 refurbished low-density appartements from Dieppe
    - 8x4 twin towers " Tours Horizons " from Rennes
    - 2 height versions 3x5 appartements building from Southern Rennes
    - 3x3 appartement block building from Rennes with 4 height versions using animations
    - 1 4x4 + 2 2x2 " Cité Roguet " from Bordeaux
    - 1 4x4 + 3 3x3 modulable parts " Tours Monthieu " from Saint-Étienne
    - 2 3x3 public housing projects , unknown name / location ( based on buildings from a postcard )

    I might make more public housing projects in the future , and include more animations for them ( eventhough its quite a pain to do )

    Most of the content included is modulable : you can recreate the original building , or go on with your own design . The ground is removed , so you can put any sort of ground you want below it .

    Night and snow graphics aren't included .

    Thanks for any advice / feedback / criticsm !
    If you don't like my plugins, don't download them !
    You can edit , modify my plugins and publish them ( make sure to credit me , though )

    (276.5 KiB) Downloaded 8 times

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