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by Nguyen Pham Dang Phi
Sun Jul 07, 2019 17:38
Forum: Problems and Errors (bugs)
Topic: Railway problem
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Railway problem

When I destroy a span of railway and reconnect it, trains won't go through that span of railway anymore, they turn back or turn to another side instead. Can somebody tell me what kind of bug i'm facing an how to fix it ?
by Nguyen Pham Dang Phi
Sat Jul 06, 2019 18:05
Forum: Game Discussion
Topic: I have a question about city scaling
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Re: I have a question about city scaling

I wonder what is a realistic city size? I want to make massive ones but i get bored i run out of buildings and ideas after awhile can anyone help? A realistic scale of a city? Depend? Some cities in the world are very small, and some are very large. But I think Colossal size is the best for cities ...

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