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GUI is name for all icons on your screen. Here are all of them.
See numbers meaning below.
1. Your city's name. Tap to see info about city.
2. City's current population.
3. Overall city happiness. Tap to see more info.
4. Half tunnel price and faster building for watching and ad. Also IAPs (In App Purchases) menu.
5. Rank Indicator. Shows rank name, rank number and progress to next rank.
6. Daily gift. Gives more diamonds over time.
7. Paid features. Can be bought from real money, contains buildings which can be obtained by IAPs, but also unique ones.
8. City's minimap. Easily move between your city.
9. Exit to region.
10. Current money. Green amount shows monthly income, can be red, which means monthly costs.
11. Current diamonds. Can be earned by collecting daily gifts, watching ads and redeeming promo codes.
12. Game speed. Can be paused, slow, normal, fast and super fast. Slow mode can be bought for diamonds for forever, but super fast is temporal.
13. Date. Days change every second. If you have any fireworks and timers built, they can launch on New Year.
14. Options. See 'GUI 3' for more info.
15. Emergencies menu. You can call police, fire trucks, ambulances, garbage trucks, SWAT teams and launch missiles.
16. Debug menu. Shows many influences and other useful stuff. Also contains 'Follow random car' tool.
17. Remove menu. Remove just anything.
18. Current demands for residential, commercial and industrial.
19. Build toolbar. See 'GUI 2' for more info.
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