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Toolbar (GUI 2) is mini-menu where you can choose a building to place.
See explanations below.
1. Terrain. Build land, water, sand, trees and others.
2. Roads. Here you can find any roads, except bus road.
3. Bus. Includes bus depot, bus stop and bus roads.
4. Trains. Train station, elevated rails, metro tunnels and stations can be found here.
5. Airport. Build gates, runways, taxiways and towers.
6. Zones. Declare residential, commercial and industrial zones here.
7. Residential. Find every residential building here.
8. Commercial. Find every commercial building here.
9. Industrial. Find every industrial building here.
10. Energy. Produce and transport electrical power.
11. Water. Produce and transport water.
12. Parks. Build a relaxing place for your Inhabitans.
13. Sport. Build recreational facilities here.
14. Awards. See some unique structures here.
15. Landmarks. Build a realistic city with landmarks.
16. Religion. Includes churches and mosques.
17. Decorations. Decorated your city with these small tiles.
18. Christmas. Requires an IAP. Contains Christmas Tree, gifts and snowmans.
19. Fireworks. 'Place and compose your own fireworks!'
20. Fire. Prevent fires and extinguish them.
21. Education. Provide schools and make your Inhabitans clever.
22. Health. Don't let your Inhabitans feel sick.
23. Police. Prevents crimes.
24. Military. Build a Military Base.
25. Disasters. Includes everything from meteors to slimes.
26. Eyedropper tool. Select a building and build it.
27. Move tool. Move already built buildings.

TheoTown also includes second version of toolbar:
<Will be added soon>
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