Sena 2019 National Horse Racing Competition

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Sena 2019 National Horse Racing Competition


Post by AnotherTheoTownMayor »

Sena is holding it's first ever sports competition! And it's a horse racing competition. Each country can have one rider, and they can choose their horse. They can either bring in a horse from their country, or take one from Sena.
The competition will take place in the Clover main stadium and it will last for a week.
Good luck!

(the winners of each race will be picked via a random number generator, max 6 people per race for a total of 7 races)

The first round will consist of 4 races, for 4 winners. Those 4 contestants will then participate in 2 more races, for 2 winners. Those 2 contestants will then participate against each other in the finale.
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Re: Sena 2019 National Horse Racing Competition


Post by Ahmad Nur Aizat »

Some sort of knockout tournament?

I'm in then

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