The Rouge Party war aka the Sesnora-Rebinta war.

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The Rouge Party war aka the Sesnora-Rebinta war.


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Breaking News: The Rebintan party aka the civil war rebels party, has declared war on Sesnora and has captured the Sesnoran Island St.Merzoni. The Prime Minister has a speech; "My fellow Sesnorian, Today we will face possibly the first government party within 50 years. Military action will take action Tuesday November 19th 12AM."

We don't know if we will make diplomacy or not with them, but all we know for sure is that they will realise who they are up against. If any other nation wants to help please Inform the Prime Minister.
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Re: The Rouge Party war aka the Sesnora-Rebinta war.


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...Goodbye Stefan, You always be number one 1975-2018

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I threw my dignity to trash and downloaded Free Fire... But someway i liked it ":'D

But i think it was too early to celebrate... my internet runs at 8kb...

Just wait another month... :bb

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