Farmers are planning to make a farmland

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Farmers are planning to make a farmland


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In Vâlcea farmers that just moved here are going to open their own farming areas near the second industrial zone, the smallest one, to make profit without polluting the environment. The zones are going to be created because the City Hall approved the project. "We are going to extend the city a little bit, so we need to keep the environment as clean as possible. Because of that, we are going to let the farmers build their farms. The zone will be fully financed by the Government and by the City Hall." said the mayor. There are a lot of plans to make some villages that are using only farms to make a profit and soon, this month, the Government will open a new major city with over 20.000 people that is also using some farms along with factories to produce goods, so, we can expect a lot from the Government of the New Transilvania. More updates coming maybe next week. :idea:
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