Red-Hills islands (Contest, Tips and Chat)

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Red-Hills islands (Contest, Tips and Chat)


Post by TheRetroGuy »

You think your city has everything to be in one of the tenth Red-Hills islands? Probably! Probably not!

Here, you can describe your city (includes radius, management, funds, habitants, water, power etc...), compare with others, tell tips to your comrades, try to win the contest and bla, bla, bla...

Now, rules and critters:


This is not the a purge chatting we are talking about, this is contest, help and chatting. Rules :

•Be respectful.
•No copyright marks, locations, personal names or ages
•No sandbox mode (This counts as a cheating)
•and mostly, have fun!


If you want to be in the the 10 islands, you will need these critterias

•Happyness 100%
•Populations over 100'000 (No matters which class)
•No inhabitants
•No miss of power, water or garbage
•No overpopulated services
•Radius (All) can cover every buildings at 100%
•No pollution or radioactivity from catastrophes (Nuclear power plant overheat included)
•minimum sise map : Huge
•No traffic
•Each RCI must have at least over 80% worker or habitants of their maximum
•No plugins that has high radius
•minimum 500'000$
•maximum 3 loans




This is about role play too, feel free to make your own roleplays. here is the a role play by me, I will add posts of it and will mostly concern you or precise people. Please enter your name in post if you wanna join this so I can know who is in the group so I can target specific people some times. Here :



this is where it all begins. Here is a list of the vehicles used and weapons :
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Re: Red-Hills islands (Contest, Tips and Chat)


Post by THEMAX »

Again , as I think , this is most likely an event , it shall be moved to event . PM me if you have anything to say but currently I can’t let that here .
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