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Role-playing events

In EVENTS there should be Role Plays about Football, Soccer, Song Contest and others.

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Re: Project Longline


Post by Ahmad Nur Aizat »

wetguy wrote:
Mon Feb 25, 2019 21:04
Brody Craft wrote:
Mon Feb 25, 2019 13:50
...Captain: Control Tower, we are now out the Mars SOI and are now continuing to Jupiter.
CTM: Roger that, keep watch of those asteroids though!
Captain: We'll dodge 'em, dont worry.
LC: Im going to eat some Mashed Potatoes.
RLO: It already smelled delicious here.
Asteroids in the asteroid field are very far apart, so they don't have to worry about crashing into one.
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Re: Project Longline


Post by Brody Craft »

...Captain: Looks like communications have been restored, hello Control.
CTM: Glad you guys are back, any problems?
Captain: The signals got blocked by neptune, is there like any relays around here?
CTM: They are unfortunately hibernating, but atleast we have you on contact.
Captain: We're now going to thw abyss, out of Polythineus SOI, now detaching stage 2 and firing up stage 3 for extended escape burn
CTM: Roger that, proceed to burn with caution.
Captain: Lets try taking some pictures.
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