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Operation dual sandstorm

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 13:57
location : Brokenhope

conflict : Brokenhope civil war

result : coalition victory / 13 April 22h00 UTC+ 1

beligerants :
  • Anternian coalition :
    • Anternia
    • Zayrattan
    • Brokenhope defense force
    • United Brokenhope civilian safety force
    • Sethland
    • Svostine
    • Arizelon
  • Brokenhope factions :
    • Brokenhope god chosen army
    • Brokenhope people army
    • Brokenhope imperial force
    • Holy Brokenhope Army
    • Unidentified rebel group

War briefing
  • civilians :
    • killed : 6351
    • injured : 25361
    • homeless : 121361
  • coalition :
    • killed : 2371
    • injured : 871
  • insurgents :
    • killed : 27184
    • injured : 8371
    • prisonners : 26182
  • humanitarian briefing :
    • refugees : 76182
    • starving : 23 % population
    • infected by disease(s) : 11 % population
  • economic briefing :
    • estimated repair cost : 90-120 billions $
    • infrastructure report : mostly intact with some strategical infrastructures destroyed
    • housing report : mostly intact with major damages in Brokenhope city residential area and with critical damages in porto allegre
  • coalition military losses :
    • tanks : 37
    • armored vehicles : 179
    • helicopters : 22
    • fighter jets : 12
    • bomber : 3
    • landing craft : 5
    • missile cruiser : 1 ( damaged )
    • drones : 16
    • 2 cargo planes

Re: Operation dual sandstorm

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 14:03
13h30 : Anternian missile cruisers sent a thousands of missiles against ennemy to neutralise all SAM , coastal defense and air bases.

Re: Operation dual sandstorm

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 14:09
Several bombers are approaching Brokenhope to bomb the bases , harbors and infrastructures .

We will take down some sections of the 14 main highways , our bombers will also take down the railways and maglevs lines .

The objective is to cut down the vital lines without having to pay too much for reparations .

Re: Operation dual sandstorm

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 14:11
report :

7 amphibious assault ships are approaching enemy coast , with missile defenses disabled , we will safely be able to establish a beachhead and a temporary base where allied aircrafts will be able to land .

Re: Operation dual sandstorm

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 17:25
mission report : 17h21 UTC+1

Our troops have established a beach head 1 hour ago, with no losses and few injuries after a landing craft collided with a rock .
we are deploying bulldozers and construction material to establish a temporary airfield until we take control of the St-Lucien airfield at 5 km from our current position .
We met no resistance and arrested starving soldiers, most had their skins right on their bones .
The humanitarian situation seems worse than expected .
in the south, we took St-Lucien harbor and once secured, it will allow our troops to land .
Our spies confirmed reinforcements are blockaded on highway 32 , as our bombers succesfully crippled the section at the 127th kilometer .

Re: Operation dual sandstorm

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 21:37
mission report : 21h32 UTC+1

Our troops have took over St-Lucien , the city , the harbor, the airport and the military airfield are in our hands .
We consolidated our beach head and took over other small town and villages in the region .
with the base getting repaired, we will be able to resume the offensive soon , hopefully tomorrow .
No casualties yet , most soldiers in St-Lucien surrendered to our troops .
30000 soldiers arrived the last 5 hours from the harbor and Zayrattan troops are also there .
the capital city is at 173 km from us but we will have to use tanks as the highways are not practicables for wheeled vehicles .

Re: Operation dual sandstorm

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 22:52
by RayXP
Sethland has joined the war, and is allied with the Anternian coalition...

Re: Operation dual sandstorm

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 2:25
by TheOracle
Svostine will join the war with the Anternian Coalition

The European Council will provide all sorts of aid to the Anternian Coalition

Re: Operation dual sandstorm

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 11:42
by RyanVJ
Arizelon will also aid the Anternian Coalition, AAN forces via the 3rd Defense Fleet are steaming towards the combat zone.

Re: Operation dual sandstorm

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 8:44
mission report : 08h41 UTC+1

3 days after the offensive started , our troops successfully won against Brokenhope people army with the foreign support , using accurate missiles and artillery fire , most ennemy tanks batallions have been erased .
Hundred of helicopters , thousands of paratroopers and tank batallions are getting ready for the assault on the capital city , of everything is going as planned , the city should be in our control at the end of the day

Re: Operation dual sandstorm

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 15:57
mission report : 15h54 UTC+1

Anternian troops are currently fighting in the Brokenhope capital city and managed to secure 63 % of the city, cut down all access to the city and take back vital infrastructures ( airports, train stations, highways and trains lines ) . Our forces are approaching the residential district and are under heavy fire , they retaliated using mortars and artillery strikes on empty buildings meaning civilians casualties were minimized .
Anternian paratroopers are storming the Presidential palace where a group of ennemies are barricating themselves in a bunker .
order has been gave that if the Presidential palace does not fall before 21h00 UTC+1 , Bunker busters will be used .

Re: Operation dual sandstorm

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 19:28
mission report : 19h26 UTC+1

4th day , the capital is in our hands and Holy Brokenhope Army as well as Brokenhope people army both surrendered to our forces .
Our forces are readying the 1st Anternian airborne attack squadron for a raid with hundred of attack helicopters on the main base in the country , objective is to take down the base before 21h00 .

Re: Operation dual sandstorm

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:02
mission report : 09h56 UTC+1

5th day , victory is close , with the capital city , Brokenhope oversea territories and 78 % of the homeland in our hands , we can gladly announce we restaured calm in most areas .
While some small pockets of resistance still exist in our occupied territories , thoses aren’t threat for our forces .
3 ennemy leaders were arrested .

5 days briefing

For the 5th day , we made a briefing to inform all about current informations :

Coalition members killed : 736
Brokenhope factions members killed : 6781
Brokenhope factions member arrested : 16481
Civilians casualties : 2617

The professionalism of our forces allowed us to suffer very low casualties and save many civillians , while dealing huge damages to rebels . With depleted ammo and food supply , most rebels are no longer able to fight , we estimate remaining rebels to be less than 10000 while more than 270000 anternian soldiers are in Brokenhope .

Battle of Porto Allegre [Part I]

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 22:58
mission report : 22h36 UTC+1

Our forces in Porto Allegre are besieged by a unknown group of rebels, our fleet is currently supporting our troops but 1 missile have hit and damaged ARN Alsace radars, neutralizing missiles systems of the ship, we got more than 2000 soldiers besieged in the town, and over 4000 civilians getting evacuated from the harbor , all of thoses are going to onboard the ARN Solar , a Solar class amphibious assault ship .
Ennemies have took over Tango Hotel ( Town Hall ) and Bravo Delta ( Business District ) , they might have been able to take back a chemical weapon storage, we can't let it fall in their hands .
Finally, most of the city has been wiped by the last airstrikes rebels could succeed .
Our airforce is gaining the superiority .
With the situation being desperate for our forces in the city, and with the storm that started there, sending paratroopers is not a solution .
Equipped with high quality material, this unknown group of rebel may have been supplied by an external nation as they have in their possession modern battle tanks and armored vehicles .

Battle of Porto Allegre [Part II]

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 23:13
mission report : 23h05 UTC+1

The ARN Solar is leaving Porto Allegre with 6000 soldiers and citizens onboard, all civilians and coalition soldiers are currently sailing toward the ARN fleet , our satellites lose visual contact with the town as the storm is getting stronger . as they entered the city once again, ennemies could possibly get more missiles as well as the chemical weapons we didn't found yet, a chemical attack is not a allowed option and to prevent any use of chemical chemicals against freed cities , massive incendiary bombing of the city with airburst bomb has been approved .
Massive Ordnance Airburst Bombs will be used on "Beta Delta" and "Tango Hotel" to neutralise any chemical stocking sites .
Finally, to get totally rid of .... bomber down ! i repeat, bomber down ! ....
We just lose 2 conventional Bombers above the sea, they were shot down by SAM , abort the mission ! abort the mission !
We just received new orders, considering the threat of chemical weapon to be considered above 75 % , the Anternian Strategical Forces have ordered to fire a 7 kT tactical nuclear bomb toward Porto Allegre to neutralize all hostiles .
all civilians and soldiers are evacuated , an Anternian supersonic bomber will deliver a BNS-34 bomb above the city in less than 5 minutes .

Battle of Porto Allegre [Part III]

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 23:37
mission report : 23h15 UTC+1

princess Alix Vesilis speech ;
for the first time in Anternian history, a nuclear weapon has been used at war, and this is sad , on the good side of it , however, we know no civilians were killed and we know chemical weapon threats are gone , and we also know none of our soldiers died . Today, ARN Alsace, a jewel of technology , the pride of the Anternian Royal Navy has been damaged, when the burning radar mast collapsed , it killed 22 peoples on a crowded command deck, including the commander of the ship , it is currently getting Towed toward the nearest Anternian harbor where the ship will get repaired, but we also lose 101 soldiers during the battle and 9 crew members of our 2 downed bomber . About fear of radiations, bombs used were low yield, 2* smaller than thoses used at hiroshima, and thoses models aren't know for being very radioactive, most likely radiation level will be as normal in less than 5 years .
Finally, the ARN Alsace has been hit with a foreign missile that wasn't considered hostile until it entered the ship exclusion zone, our CIWS didn't had time to defend the ship , this is certainly because the missile has been identified as an Obsolete brokenhope licensed missiles based on an esteryan missile that wasn't removed from the database, such an incident could have been avoided .
I Finally wanted to announce that all bodies found would be burried , ennemies or not .

casualties reports :
  • Anternian casualties : 132
    • 22 : ARN Alsace crew members
    • 101 : Battle casualties
    • 9 : Downed bombers crew members
  • Civilians casualties : 0
  • Insurgents casualties : 1000 - 6000

Re: Operation dual sandstorm

Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 22:06

22h00 UTC + 1

After a heavy battle , and several losses , the Anternian armed forces have declared victory , our forces have taken all the country and even tho some pockets of resistance persists , main enemy forces have capitulated .
Meanwhile , ARN Alsace is ongoing repairs and cleaning teams are now in Porto Allegre .

Next step would be to establish a transition government and rebuild what has been destroyed .

Re: Operation dual sandstorm

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 5:36
by TiarDVaughn
Zayrattan will donate 300-billion Jombies to the reconstruction of Brokenhope.

President Salamander

Re: Operation dual sandstorm

Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 21:54
by TiarDVaughn
Four new apartment towers were built in Venacia (capital of Zayrattan) specifically to house refugees from Brokenhope.

Each apartment tower can hold 4-thousand people comfortably.

More such refugee towers are being constructed. The unused ones will remain on standby until they are needed.

Any Brokenhope refugee is welcome in Zayrattan. We will allow you entry. The best way to do so is by air travel. But you must enter our country legally, and only through the Venacia International Airport.

Border and Customs officers are ordered to act with respect. If any refugees are mistreated, we will act accordingly.

President Salamander