The Reggie Jackson Case

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The Reggie Jackson Case


Post by RayXP » Sun Apr 28, 2019 20:02

On March 24, 1989, a young couple were driving down a country road in Topher Gardens, Columbus, when they see a lifeless body hanging from a tree. When they went to see the corpse, they were shocked. It was the corpse of young Reggie Jackson, who was in terrible shape. He was bleeding all over, had cotton stuffed in his mouth, ears, and pockets, he was badly whipped, and was found barefoot...
Reggie Jackson, a 17 year old black teen, was a Junior at Stonewall High School in northeastern Fenton Beach, Columbus. He played Tight End in the school's football team, and was an honor role student. But the majority of the school was white, and the state of Columbus was a former state of the Dixie Nation. He was one of the only blacks at Stonewall High, but was a popular kid. He was found dead on March 24, 1989, by Janice Walker and Timothy Marshall. 3 white males were the ones behind his lynching. They were Larry McEleeven, Ian Bennett, and Wallace Long, who were Seniors at Stonewall High, and all decents of Plantation owners. Ian Bennett was the only teenager caught, but committed suicide before the last trial, and the other two have fled Fenton Beach, and possibly the nation...
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