Idea for 2.0.00

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Idea for 2.0.00


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Futuristic Zones

You know those dense zones well they got denser (and harder).With these zones you will have futuristic cities of 2050.Where is the hard part yeah these zones are harder to take care of they need a lot of water and a lot of power to get building.And they come with the best invention yet in your city... FLYING CARS OF COURSE!With Future Industrials your city can invent FLYING VEHICLES!These flying vehicles traffic will be less more trafficy and with the Flying Car booth they can park their flying cars there and go to futuristic stores.But I think we're missing something YEAH Air Purifier Domes these large domes can be resized and the domes fix one thing that is a problem POLLUTION yes these domes can fix pollution.but where is the fun part where here it is Stylish buildings these buildings can reach up to 100 floors and live billboards on buildings.I would love this if it was added.

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