What happens during development of TheoTown?

Here we talk about TheoTown in general.
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What happens during development of TheoTown?


Post by HamsterMayor » Wed Aug 19, 2015 20:32

What goes on for making different features of this wonderful game? Can we get a bit of dev story?

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Post by theotheoderich » Sun Oct 25, 2015 1:50

Hello HamsterMayor,

I am the graphic designer of TheoTown :)

....sadly I have no dev story....I am only creating the building pics.

In April of this year the programmer Lobby told me that he starts to rewrite our old PC city building game for the Android platform.

I liked this idea very much, so I decided to do the pixel buildings for TheoTown.

That´s all!

But I can tell some infos about myself :wink:

I am from germany (so please excuse my bad english) and 40 years old.
Some years ago I tried to make some games for the PC using the BlitzMax language. But I never finished games because most in most cases I was way to much a perfectionist...

During the years I tried to make some own city building games.
But none of them was fully playable.
That is the reason why I am very happy to have Lobby developing the game :D
If I would do it, it will never be finished.

Now some "history" of my city building tries:

My first try to make such an isometric game was using VisualBasic in the late 90s. Very ugly.


In 2001 I created some buildings using a 3D tool and a simple game tryout with BlitzMax.


Then in 2003 my next playing around....using 3D graphics.


An finally in 2007 I started the work on TheoTown (because of my nickname "TheoTheoderich") for PC.


Then a year later Lobby started to help me creating the pixel buildings.
We quickly realized that Lobby is a much better programmer than I ever was :oops:
But I like to do graphics pixel by pixel since Commodore Amiga times.
So Lobby was developing TheoTown for PC and I created the buildings.

We had to stop the work in 2010 because my second son was born and real life was so time-consuming that I did not had the time to do some work for TheoTown.

The PC version was never playable!
The Android version is a full reprogramming of the game using some old and many new graphics / buildings.

I will go on creating the pixel graphics for our game, I really like it, it is some kind of relaxing to place pixel by pixel.

Here you can find some screenshots from my game experiments / pictures in the course of years:
RobosRun (Jumpn Run)
CityPix made with Bryce
Buildings made with Bryce
Escape from blocky planet - work was stopped because of TheoTown :wink:
The box label said, "Requires Windows 10 or better.", so I bought an Amiga Computer.

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