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More plug-in space improvements

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:27
by BetterBear

This may be hard, but this WILL surely benefit a lot of people that have no god-sent phones but still wish to have more plug-ins.

What I mean excactly is to make the "More texture space" feature to set the increase texture space to a point where the FPS and such would still be acceptable. This is useful for users who still want to increase the texture space but still want to have a playable game.

This is because as of now, it seems like that the texture space increase sets the texture space to the max the phone can handle, which sometimes result in having around 3 FPS. In other words, the feature is then useless.

For example: If a user in the default texture space has an average FPS of 40, then if the texture space is increased, ONLY increase the texture space in a scale that makes the FPS to around 25 or instead of increasing the texture space to the max the phone can handle.

If this would be implemented, then that means that there will be still more texture space for the user, only not much but the game will still playable. Better than having no increase at all.

Re: More plug-in space improvements

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 0:43
by Lobby
No, there's no such a thing as in-between texture usage. There are only two options:

One texture for everything
This is fast and the intended approach since it benefits how GPUs work.

Multiple textures (in this case 2, which is 1 more than 1 and there is not such a thing as 1.5)
This is slow since some draw calls use different textures.

Therefore the best solution is to use one single, bigger texture. Since this is used automatically if available I assume you phone doesn't support it. Eventually all new phones will support it.