My first town for a long while: Douamontville

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My first town for a long while: Douamontville


Post by dumb_grassfoot » Sat Mar 21, 2020 13:09

It's been a while since I posted on this forum. It's been such a long while that I actually forgot my old username and password. Starting fresh, I guess.

So here's my tiny town of Douamontville. (I just started, by the way.)


My plan is to pepper the entire map with suburban villages, industrial parks, farmland, et cetera. Douamontville will be my "administrative center", so to speak.


This is the downtown area. I am trying to avoid a grid pattern, resulting in some not-so-straight roads. I left a space for a small church in the middle, but since I haven't unlocked it yet, I turned it into a cherry blossom park.


Here's my first industrial park. Another one's on the works to the north. of the town. (Maybe I should number them instead, like "PI01–Douamontville"?)

I'll try to update when more interesting stuff happens here.

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