Welcome to Metro San Fierro..

Here you can present your city to the world.
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Welcome to Metro San Fierro..


Post by MayorRascalov » Sat Sep 08, 2018 17:18

Hey there fellow Mayors! I am Mayor Rascalov, and I am here to introduce you to the CITY OF FRIENDSHIP. With all the help from my citizens, they made their efforts for everyone's goal, and now they reaped what they sow. The pictures will give you a tour to my city. I hope you fellow Mayors will like the city.
A normal day in San Fierro. A walk in the park would be a good idea!
The industrial profit of the city comes here. This is where half of the medium and low wealth classes work.
This is the turf of Kapamrussos. This district is the pride and the city's strongest district. The price here are like mafroons, tough on the outside but soft in the inside ( The Dictator Reference )
This is where most of the Bisahonggos reside. It is a remarkable place for people here are very gregarious especially with tourists.
This is where the vast majority of Maranurals live. It is one of the oldest districts out of the three districts in the city. People here are very welcoming and they are very religious.
The San Fierro International Airport connects all Interregional Intercontinental routes of all airlines. Found on the heart of the city, it welcomes tourist to a city they would never forget..
Both pictures presents the Business districts of the city. Found on the center and the northwestern part of the city. They contribute to the city's wealth, success, and all the political and economical work are all done here..
The whole map of the city. The 13 islands have the cultures of Maranurals dominating the SouthWest, Kapamrussos of the SouthEast, and the Bisahonggos of the NorthWest. They all live in harmony after hundreds of years in friendship.
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Re: Welcome to Metro San Fierro..


Post by ElephantEthan » Sat Sep 08, 2018 18:41

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Nice city btw! :bc

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Re: Welcome to Metro San Fierro..


Post by vernon » Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:42

Love it!
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