Tollbooth Generators

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Tollbooth Generators


Post by KINGTUT10101 » Sun Jul 28, 2019 2:38

What is a tollbooth generator?
A tollbooth generator is a group of buildings/roads that are used to generate profit from tollbooths.

Why not just place some tollbooths on a busy road instead?
In my experience, this isn't actually profitable in most situations. As it turns out, the monthly cost of those roads often negate the profit made by tollbooths. On top of that, smaller cities aren't able to generate enough traffic to make profit that way anyway. The purpose of these generators is to utilize these tollbooths to their fullest to get the most money we can out of them.

Does these require plug-ins to make?
Although plug-ins can make this much, much easier (especially with car spawner plug-ins), it is possible to make these generators in vanilla TheoTown.

What traffic setting did you use while making and testing your designs?
I used 1x traffic while making my designs, but using higher or lower settings might influence your profit. Keep this in mind when you're building your own designs.

Are they overpowered?
I think they are cool to mess around with and use for challenges or something, but they could be exploited if the player knows what they're doing. However, considering all of the buildings already in the vanilla game that produce monthly income, something like this doesn't seem very out of place.

Anyway, with that out of the way, here is a video tutorial about how to build these things:

Feel free to post your own designs here. Make sure to show us how you built them, explain how they works, tell us how much money they cost, and show us how much profit they make. For consistency's sake, please test your designs with 1x traffic on.

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