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Car Updated


Post by Kiki012 »

this. Tutorial is incomplete,find original tutorial for moment
Hello there, I'm recreating car and car chain tutorial
Car code basically looks like:

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[ { "type":"car", "speed":1.0, "v2":true, "frames":[ { "bmp":"img.png", "count":4, "w":20, "h":20 } ] } ]
JSON checker
You will notice that I provide 4 frames here. That's needed as we need a frame (image) for each direction in which the car can drive. We indexed the directions as followed:
image.png (3.11 KiB) Viewed 128 times

So example car frames looks like:
image (1).png
image (1).png (1007 Bytes) Viewed 128 times
Notice how we load 4 frames from a single image by providing the width and height of each frame and the number of frames we want to extract. The plugin loader will automatically load "count" many frames of the given width and height from left to right out of the provided image. You can provide multiple cars within a single plugin by just providing more frames. The total number of frames has to be a multiple of 4.

It's worth to mention that "v2":true indicates that we want to use the second generation of car loading. We recommend that as it's much easier to use and takes less expensive texture space. However, a lot of cars are still internally defined using the old system. The provided frames there have to look like that:
image (2).png
image (2).png (638 Bytes) Viewed 128 times
We can do that by defining a car spawner with the following attributes:
• cars - An array of car ids
• radius - Radius for the cars to be spawned. Big radius are heavy on computation, so try to avoid them. To cover the whole map you might use a value like 512
• count - Number of cars that should be spawned
• targets - An array of building ids that should be targeted by spawned cars. If empty, any buildings will be
• targeted (default behavior). Entry null will represent the building in which the car spawner is defined (for convenience).

So spawner code looks like:

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"car spawner":[ { "cars":["$lobby_carplugin00"], "radius":10, "count":5 } ]
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Place it on building code,such as example Plugin

You can add some stuff such as:

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[ { "type":"car", "speed":1.0, "v2":true, "frames":[ { "bmp":"img.png", "count":4, "w":20, "h":20 } ], "capacity":10,//capacity for car "flag bus":true,//flag usefull for making train tram bus or others "frames per car":4,//usefull if you use multiple frames require atleast 2 frames "tail":["carid"]//usefull if you want make train or trams } ]
JSON checker
Override in game car is possible see this

Find in game car id on JSON,but for example:

In game car frames:
image (4).png
image (4).png (22.64 KiB) Viewed 128 times
For someone else who want make long train
PARTB.png (935 Bytes) Viewed 136 times
PARTA.png (934 Bytes) Viewed 136 times
this two image owned by me, please credit!

credit: theo & lobby
Image...image credits:here!
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