Simple Steps for making a simple house

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Simple Steps for making a simple house


Post by yusuf8a684 »

Step 1- Get a template from viewtopic.php?f=108&t=3207 and please read what lobby wrote there.
"pay attention on that the base should always touch the bottom edge to pivot point can be calculated correctly."

Step 2-Build the shape of your building, you can use neon colours first than start texturing it but in this GIF I directly used shadows because of building is being small

Step 3- Make a roof or a flat roof. It is up to you. Here is a discord message about roofs ... 1216540672

Step 4- Fit the building with roof or other parts you added after...

Step 5- Add details, this might be the place where you should be creative and also the fun part...

Step 6- Important part and usually the step every person fails, it is normal. Add shadows to the sides that are facing right and also add some places you want to add depth too. Like the door I did. (Even in my texture there is a shadow issue with small roof and the wall next to it, you should think about those too)

Step 7- Remove the template and don't forget to add shadow to ground that fits with template ground. You can make your own ground too... With this you have to add "draw ground":"true" to your plugin

Bonus Step- You should crop your image and make it texture space friendly and like what Lobby said in templates topic: "it's a lot of work to create even a 2x2 building and you have limited texture space. So, why not start with a simple 1x1 building?"

I did not include adding noise to it, this is just the steps, you can have your own art style or any decoration opinions, also don't except every people to like your textures, take some criticism. It is not a bad thing.
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Re: Simple Steps for making a simple house


Post by CommanderABab »

Very nice!
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