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Getting started

Posted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 22:32
by Lobby
Here you find useful links about plugins and how to create them :)

Recommended to read before starting
📗❗Copyright (by Bearbear65)
Copyright is a serious thing. Obey copyright rules or you might get punished :fire

1. Installation
🎬How to install plug-ins (by KINGTUT10101)


Part 1. Creation
📗How to write a plugin (by Lobby)
📋Advanced tags for building plugins (by Lobby)
🎬How to make a json with Json Genie (by KINGTUT10101)

Part 2. Animation
📗Advanced smoke types (by Lobby)
📘Date dependent animations (by Lobby)
📘Custom animations (by FranchuFranchu)
📙People animation (by Lobby)
📙Road with borders using "animation fg" feature (by danekbel)
📙Firework (by Josh)

Part 3. Transportation
📗Higher level bridges (by Lobby)
(Note: Will need prior knowledge of bridges!)
📘Roads (by Lobby)
📘Cars (by Lobby)
📘Tunnels (by Lobby)
📘Car chains (by Lobby)
📘Airplanes (by Lobby)
📘The ACTUAL tutorial on flags (by FranchuFranchu)
📙Road decoration (by Lobby)
📙Helicopter (by Lobby)
📙Change in res/ind car identification (by Lobby)
📙Determining vehicle direction on roads (by CommanderABab)

Part 4. Upgrades & requirements
📙Upgrades (by Lobby)
📙Building requirements (by Lobby)
📙Enabling and Disabling Your RCI Spawning (by KINGTUT10101)

Part 5. Override
📗Explicit plugin overriding (by Lobby)
📘Override ocean (by Lobby)
📘Override background (by Lobby)

Part 6. Security
📗Plugin encryption (by Lobby)
📗Hide id (by Lobby)
🎬How to Add a Hidden Signature (by KINGTUT10101)

Part 7. Others
📘Categories (by Lobby)
📘Templates (by Lobby)
📗Preview Frames (by Sparkle8538)
📋JSON (by Lobby)

3. Functions
📙Fun basics (by Lobby)
📙Functionality using fun (by Lobby)
📙Variables (by Lobby)
📙Animation control (by Lobby)
📙Notifications (by Lobby)
📙Date dependent fun condition (by Lobby)
📙Weather manipulation (by Lobby)
📙Sound with Fun (by Lobby)
📋Action Index (by Lobby)
📋Condition Index (by Lobby)

4. Lua
📕Lua reference
📕How to use Lua scripts (by FranchuFranchu)
📋Lua API Documentation (by FranchuFranchu)

5. Graphics

Part 1. Creation
📗How to create a small building in 10 steps (by theotheoderich)
📘Shadows & templates (by Bearbear65)
📘How to draw winter graphics (by Bearbear65)
📘Creating a quality house plugin (by Kulche)
📙How to create a plugin (by actemendes)
🎬How to apply textures to surfaces in Pixly(by KINGTUT101)

Part 2. Resources
🖼️World texture (by Lobby)
🖼️Tree graphics (by Lobby)
🖼️Building templates (by Lobby)

🎬 Video.
📗📘📙📕 Textual, increasing difficulty. (beginner, intermediate, expert, extreme)
🖼️ Images.
📋 Lists.

Edited by Bearbear65. If you have any suggestions PM me.

Re: Getting started

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2019 20:07
by Sparkle8538
...continued to 5. Graphics
Part 3. Advanced
📗Preview frames (by Sparkle8538)

🎬 Video.
📗 Beginner.
📘 Intermediate.
📙 Expert.
📕 Extreme.
🖼️ Images.
📋 Lists.
🔒 Reusing certain content without permission/credit from/to a plugin creator may result in punishment.

Re: Getting started

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2019 21:46
by CommanderABab

Re: Getting started

Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 1:32
by KINGTUT10101
Is there no custom zone tutorial?

Re: Getting started

Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 5:14
by Deedzkie23
How to upload plugin if i am not allowed to upload here on forum? I am just a newbie here.

Re: Getting started

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2019 17:46
by Lobby
It should work now.