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Re: Copyright


Post by cesareborgia94 »

Lets not talk about what? My posts is certainly related to copyright matters.
I rarely make plugins now, but I still make them in spare time.
Disclaimer Please no request, I'm busy with real life stuff, I hope you understand ;)
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Re: Copyright


Post by NukeTheKitty »

NukeTheKitty wrote:
Fri Sep 14, 2018 6:32
cesareborgia94 wrote:
Wed Aug 29, 2018 19:47
ElephantEthan wrote:
Wed Aug 29, 2018 18:34
Is it okay if I use real life names for example cars when posting a plugin on the forum, but then in-game I name the car simply "Car"? No logos or anything, though you might be tell it's a insert car brand here by looking at it carefully but that shouldn't be copyright infringement, right?
Its ok to call it real life names for example cars. And no its not copyright infringement if you just made a replica of it in real life, in fact you are making it in honor of the real life car.

But copying a brand like mcdonalds is not encouraged....
Hey let's not talk about it :lol:
Because I made a McDonald's plugin and I it got taken down

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Re: Copyright


Post by Henry1122 »

Perhaps the most secure route is to maintain a strategic distance from evident and unmistakable logos or to really ask consent, perhaps these organizations are available to it, as long as the module depicts the brand in a positive, non-unsafe way...

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Re: Copyright


Post by The_Real_Michael_1 »

Bookeric wrote:
Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:01
Hi @Sphere Game Studios welcome to our forum and this is the guy said he already ask the permission to you but he lie
so here
The guy.PNG
Hey, I am The_Real_Michael_1 and.....
nothing to say here, I guess......

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Re: Copyright


Post by Bookeric »

...Goodbye Stefan, You always be number one 1975-2018

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