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How to draw winter graphics

Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 8:56
by Bearbear76
Today I'm going to show you how to draw winter graphics
Like snow on the roof or ground.
The method originally came from theo. So I won't take any credits.

1 Colors
First you will need the colors for the snow.

It's a little small to see but you can just download the image and use it as a pallet.
The blue line indicates the colors that will be used for the snow or light shadowing.
On the other hand the green line indicates the colors that will be used on the shadows.

2 adding the snow to buildings
Now you have the pallet you can add the snow to your buildings.
I'll use this building for an example.
(Building texture from theo)

Ok, so now lets color in the snow.
I'll recomend to draw this on a different layer!
First I'll make a blank layer and color the most lightest color in like the following.

Now i see that the roof from the original image has a little bit of a shadow on it so I'll
Add a light shadow and highlights to the roof.

3 adding shadows
Now I'll add shadows. there's only two colors for the shadows a light and dark color.
First get the light shadow and draw it all over the shadow on the roof.

Now I'll add shadows from the antennas and chimneys.
And here is where the layers come in handy since you can hide the snow you have drawn to check the shadows.

Now here will get a little tricky for me to explain
Since I'm not good at explaining but i hope you will understand...
Now you will add some texture to the boring snow by first making your pencil a little bigger
And drawing random curves in the snow.
The curves must be one level darker then the snow you will draw on top of!
Like the following.

Now here is a tip of making the gradient texture
Look at the following examples below

Ex.1 Don't make too much texture and don't add to much dark colors
Adding too much will make your eyes hurt.
Here is how the value of colors should look
Lightest > lighter > lighter > darkest

Ex.2 make sure it's a gradient!
Don't just add colors randomly!!

Now add another layer on top of what you have drawn.
Make a gradient of colors.

Once you have added all the colors provided in the pallet.
You are almost done with the texture!

Now you can repeat this method with the ground and other places too!
I didn't draw snow on the garden because i didn't have time but you can if you want too.

I hope you understanded this tutorial
If you any questions feel free to ask below :)

Re: How to draw winter graphics

Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 9:02
by JustAnyone
Great. But still, I'm going to hire you.

Re: How to draw winter graphics

Posted: Sun Sep 05, 2021 19:05
by opschnecke
What program it the best to to textures for TT in general?

Re: How to draw winter graphics

Posted: Mon Oct 04, 2021 14:36
by Splayer28410
opschnecke wrote:
Sun Sep 05, 2021 19:05
What program it the best to to textures for TT in general?
For android I use pixel editor but Google Play store has hundreds of apps.

For windows, ms paint or will work.