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Ideas for plugins


Post by Mr.spock » Tue Oct 02, 2018 23:10

Could it be possible for someone to be able to code a plugin for Theotown that makes it so there are randomly generated landforms in the world?
If it is possible, it would be cool to make a plugin for sky trams.
Also, It would be cool (I’m building off of the cell tower plugin).But what if there was a cellular tower influence? Sort of like police influence. The cell tower provides cellular device calls. Which makes inhabitants happier. Because nowadays, people are always talking and texting etc on their beloved mobile device.

Tell me what you think about these ideas.
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Re: Ideas for plugins


Post by cesareborgia94 » Wed Oct 03, 2018 5:03

1. There is already a plugin for randomly generated biome, made by Kingtut101. Link is here:

2. Cellular tower influence? I think it should provide management or park influence should you, ever manage to build a cell phone tower. Btw, the textures are provided by you of course.
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Maybe you could post plugin ideas here next time:
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