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Nightmaker Script

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 16:47
by Wekabu city
The Download will be removed completly from Spacetime tomorrow, 6th October 2019. I will be working on a more efficient and up-2-date Version in the meantime.
Thanks for you understanding
-Wekabu City
After nearly 6 months of development I am finally able to release the Nightmaker script.

What does it do?
-The Nightmaker script is a script to make it easier for Plugin devlopers to implement Night compatibility via animations. It still has it flaws, e.g: Windows aren't detected automatically.

- Download (JRE/JDK/OpenJDK) SE 7 or higher (however it should work just fine with 6 or higher)
- Download the .jar file here
- Optionally check the checksums
- Double click on jar file
- Do what the appliction tells you to do (first file is the input .png file, second on is the output .json file (it gets overridden)

Obtaining the source code:
- Mail me at


More informations are visible here

Re: Nightmaker Script

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 16:48
by Wekabu city
Only for Linux, Mac and Windows
Version 1.1 was released making everything simpler (no command promt (you'll be missed))