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Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 21:23
by Faayr
Unitary Republic of Ustros

Ustros emerged after the end of the Ustrus Empire in 1921. In the Middle Ages this country was a great global power, but over the years it became a hostile nation and a cradle for the birth of terrorists.
Today Ustros is facing a severe economic recession and a crisis of relations with Sethland and various nations of the world.
Ustros is a unitary republic with a parliament indirectly elected by government leaders.

Regime Unitary Republic

Capital Khansari

President Zaryab Taheri

GPD 1,5 trillion

Population 82.564.743

GPD per capita 5.000

HDI 532

Currency Tarnan

Language Persian

Flag and Coat of Arms


Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 21:28
by Faayr
The new leader of Ustros threatens Sethland and Arizelon. He claims that it will destroy western imperialism.

ما امپریالیسم غربی را در اوستروس قبول نخواهیم کرد. خانواده امپریالیستی سابق اوستروس از سال 1968 در آریزلون پناهنده شده بودند ، ما می خواهیم آریزلون آنها را برگرداند تا دولت اوستروس بتواند آنها را به اعدام محکوم کند. اگر آریزلون ما را نشنود ، ما به روش های دیگری عمل خواهیم کرد.

We will not accept western imperialism in Ustros. The former imperial family of Ustros has been a refugee in Arizelon since 1968, we ask that Arizelon return them so that the government of Ustros can condemn them to death. If Arizelon does not hear us, we will act in other ways."
- Zaryab Taheri

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Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 2:47
by CommanderABab
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