Hard time + why I've not been active

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Hard time + why I've not been active


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In 2020 and early 2021 I was posting multiple times a day, now its once every couple months, why?
Well its complex.
While it has been difficult, it just been even more difficult for me, my dad has been in pain for 10 weeks, and then also my 13th bday which put financial strain onto the family
Yesterday I didnt even sleep until 1 in the morning as my dad had to go the hospital to the neighbouring city, as he has a risk of dying due to his pain if unterated, btw the neighbouring city to me is 20 miles away.
I have also had school and exams, and I've also caught the flu and other crap, it has been very difficult and I'm overall extremely depressed.
I will also by quitting roleplay with all my countries gone for a few months.
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