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Its Me again, and the stuff to long (Still me Dumbery101)

Posted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 13:48
by Dumbery101
Hi again, Its me Dumbery101 (As always)
I dont know what should we discuss something else.
Here what i really play to:
TheoTown (Actually, i test updates)
Door Kickers (Lieutenant Dumberland)
Terraria (Dumber101)
Minecraft PE (Dumbery101, ver:
Blockman Go (JuntaOfDumbery)
ML (Dumberman101)
Idle Crusaders (Im on the beta Guys!)
Stick of Titan
If you want to see my Gameplays of them! Please Send them here
Discord Servers:I don't want to discuss it here

And so what to