We have a Chinese player exchange group

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We have a Chinese player exchange group


Post by NSGSEI »

Welcome to Theo town Chinese player exchange group, this is the link : https://discord.gg/dfgxnRr

At the same time, we also welcome players from other countries to join us to exchange

If there is a problem with the translation, please forgive me, this is all done by Tencent :bp
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Post by Mg3094066 »

I threw my dignity to trash and downloaded Free Fire... But someway i liked it ":'D

But i think it was too early to celebrate... my internet runs at 8kb...

Just wait another month... :bb

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Re: We have a Chinese player exchange group


Post by Bookeric »

Okay that pretty good
This guy is online in this forum again I guess
...Goodbye Stefan, You always be number one 1975-2018

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