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How to deal with reports (Plugin Store)

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 11:53
by Lobby
For legal reasons the Plugin Store contains an anonymous report feature where users can enter a text to specify a reason for the report. This text will only be visible to the creator of the plugin and Plugin Store moderators. The number of reports won't be visible to the public and therefore won't have any impact on visibility or ratings.

There are various types of reports:
  1. Legal reports
    These reports are the most important ones. They indicate legal implications of a plugin (e.g. copyright violations, see this topic) and are usually handled by plugin moderators by removing the plugin. Luckily, this type of reports is quite rare.
  2. Bug reports
    This type of report is supposed to be handled by plugin creators. The users specify what kind of issue they experience and how to produce it. If you need further assistance on solving the issue you might create a new topic for it in the Problems and Errors forum. The most common issue is using the same id(s) in different plugins in the Plugin Store. To solve this, use

    Code: Select all

    in objects that you define in multiple plugins. By doing so, only the first definition will be used (of course, the definitions should be identical for that to work properly).
    Unless Plugin Store moderators can reproduce the issue your plugin(s) won't be suspended because of bug reports.
  3. Feedback
    While reports aren't meant to be used for that, some users use it to provide some feedback to the creator of the plugin. Since reports are anonymous you cannot answer directly to them. Ideally, users should use the forum to contact plugin creators. A comment feature in the Plugin Store is unlikely due to the amount of comments that would have to be moderated.
  4. Other
    Unfortunately, reports are also (actually most of the time) used for other reasons like spam. If your plugin(s) receive a lot of spam reports don't worry, you're not alone nor will it have any impact on your plugin(s). Plugin Store moderators will delete old reports from time to time to keep things clean.

Re: How to deal with reports (Plugin Store)

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 8:43
by Dumbery101
How to deal with users that report for no reason?