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TheoTown FAQ


Post by Lobby » Mon Mar 18, 2019 17:11

Frequently asked Questions

What are plugins?
In general, plugins are extensions for the game that can be downloaded from the Plugin Store (within the game) or from external sources. Plugins can contain a large variety of content. Most plugins add new buildings to the game.

Can I create a plugin on my own?
Yes, you can! And it might be even easier than you think. What you basically need are tools to 1. write text files (in so called json format) and to 2. create graphics that go along with them. You are free to do that directly on your device or on a PC. See the getting started topic to get an overview on all the things you can do and how. After you've made a plugin you can publish it in our plugin showcase or in the Plugin Store. The latter one will reward you with diamonds for each download that your plugin gets, but there are quality requirements your plugins has to met first. In any case you will need to register in our forum to publish your own plugins.

Can I create my own region?
Yes, you can do that and there are two major ways: Generating a new region by using a console command or putting a region together on your own by modifying and moving city files. You might be more interested in the latter approach if you have individual cities that you want to combine in a custom region. See the tutorial on how to do that to learn more about that.

Can I put my own music into the game?
Yes, you can! The game will play the music placed into the TheoTown/music folder. See the tutorial on how to use your own music to learn more about that.

I switched my device, how can I transfer my cities to the new one?
You have to move the files from your old to your new device manually. You can do that by connecting both devices to a PC. All what you have to do then is to copy the whole folder called TheoTown (that's located in the main storage of your old device) to your new device. If you want to be more picky about what to transfer you may have a look into the folders within the TheoTown folder. Namely "maps" contains all cities that are not located in a region while the folder "regions" contains each region as a separate folder.

I switched my device, how can I transfer purchases/diamonds?
Google manages one-time purchases that include real money. So these will automatically be available on your new device if you've logged into the same Google account there.

For anything else the game relies on that you connect it to Google Games services and/or Facebook. If you connect the game with your Facebook account you will be able to not only synchronize diamonds and purchases but also acquired plugins from the plugin store. For technical reasons we have no access to data saved to your Google Games account and therefore cannot help you if you have issues with it. In this case please consider to use Facebook if possible.

Is there a version for PC or iOS?
You'll find the version for iOS here.
The versionf or PC (Windows for now) will be released on Steam and Discord, soon.

Premium version for Android?
One of the most requested features for TheoTown is a premium version. So the versions PC and iOS are premium to evaluate whether this could be a sustainable business model. If it works out for iOS there's no reason to not offer a premium version for Android, too.

Will terrain and DSA contents be added to the Android version of the game?

Can I have free mode for literally free?
Yes, by reaching rank 64 in a regular city it will be unlocked permanently.

The game claims that it was hacked. What can I do?
Please consider to get the original version from the Play Store. If you, for some reason, cannot do that you can acquire the latest official apk from here.

In case your question wasn't answered please don't hesitate to contact us using the contact form.
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