[515] Plugin crash (Residentialtwo.json:420)

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[515] Plugin crash (Residentialtwo.json:420)


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Hi, I got the following error with a plugin (Residentialtwo.json:420):

Code: Select all

In /storage/emulated/0/TheoTown/plugins/Residentials V2/Residentials V2/ResidentialTwo/Residentialtwo.json:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: When loading "Residentialtwo.kevak": Id Residentialtwo.kevak is already in use. Use another id or add "override":true to your plugin.
Device: Redmi 4A (Xiaomi)
Android: 25 (7.1.2)

Thank you in advance.
Lol this is a spam i already fixed it. By changing the id lol
Moderators, dont delete our plugins please

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