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Some Suggestion

Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 18:10
by Akira Maruni
1) For plugin store, there should be history after buying the plugin. So, when the player wanna migrate their phone to the new phone, the player shouldn't feel tired. Rather than research the plugin for their new phone, they can use this feature to research and redownload their plugins that have been downloaded before. Ask the player after log in to the Google account (in their new phone) if they wanna to redownload the plugin from plugin store (the cost is depend from the creators).
2) TheoTown Lite. TTL is for phones that have low memory storage and low RAM storage. It should be based on TheoTown before the plugin store is applied to game. Try to fork that version.
3) Plugin categories for RCI building. It's hard to search the standalone plugin RCI building because it's mixed with another building either from another plugin or from the game itself. With this feature, the player can found the specific RCI building easily.
*BTW, I found the low/mid harsh word for Indonesian translation. Many people think this is just a normal thing. 🤣 IMO, that word may be derrivated to the high-leveled harsh word. But, let's review the translation again and fix it.*
Sorry for my Bad English... 🤣

Re: Some Suggestion

Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 18:36
by Hita Kura
No TheoTown must be powerful wz want large city man