Things I would LOVE to see in Plugins or In-Game!

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Things I would LOVE to see in Plugins or In-Game!


Post by TheoTownFan » Mon Aug 12, 2019 6:45

Prop Ideas
Junkyard & Scrapyard Props I would love to see props for junkyard or car scrapyards. My building style is more of a small rustic town and I would love to see broken down cars, tires, and even a new texture to go along with it <3

Industrial Pipes Pipes are something that should come with building a industrial area. It really adds that OMPH to a build if you give it that.

Nature Rocks and BouldersWe only have sea rocks for now and rocks & boulders should really be added on ground. I know sea rocks can be added on ground but why not boulders? I would LOVE to give my nature forest some natural rocks and boulders as decorations. :-)

Plugin Ideas
Old looking Trains and Their Rails I've been BEGGING for this lol. But I think that we should have it. I love the look of old 90s style train and their tracks. The tracks look like they have gravel underneath while having the wood beams and steal rails. (^^)
Also, the train itself is pretty much what it seems! The old fashion trail with a black body, and a pipe thingy at the top that huffs smoke when powered with coal. Love it.

Ocean Waves pretty self-explanatory, we always had those still waters along the beach sides and rivers. Mind we change that? It doesn't have to have a animation to it, lol. It can be a placeable! I would love that white foam alongside my waterfalls (*_*)

more SUBURBAN HOUSES!! A more collection of suburban houses should be GREAT! This really doesn't need to be done really rn because we got plugins but more the merrier!

That's all I got for today! You might as well call me a suggestion expert. Cuz all I do is ask lol
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