Things that Theotown wants to be changed or added.

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Things that Theotown wants to be changed or added.


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I hope this and that improvement or addition of Theotown. I've thought about many things. So I'm going to pick a few of them out and suggest them.

First, add the night view to all the base buildings.
I've thought about it before, but it's a shame that there's a building without a night view in the basic building. So if developers put night views in all the basic buildings, it could be a better game. So I would appreciate it if you could put the night view in all the basic buildings. Even if it takes some time.

Second, add a diagonal direction.
Today, plug-ins continue to add diagonal and rail lines. Therefore, it is recommended that the main road is diagonal without the aid of the plug-in. The same goes for fences. Even if the length is diagonal, the fence will look uncomfortable unless you add a diagonal direction. In particular, it is good to improve the direction of buildings and urban circulation for high fences, but as there are limitations, we hope that the basic roads and basic walls will be improved diagonally.

Third, I want to improve making hills.
When I try to make a big hill or mountain, I do a lot of work and it takes a lot of time to trim the hill. So I would like to add 4×4 or 5×5 which is larger than 3×3. Also, there are many inconveniences because the hill is round. Therefore, I hope the square shape will be added to make the hill easier and faster than before.

So far, I've written down a few things in Theotown that I want to improve or add. The world doesn't change easily. Still, many people gather and try to make a better world. The same goes for games. Developers and users gather to make better games. Like this, I hope Theotown will be a better game and a better game.

My grammar may not be right because I am not good at English. Please understand this :)

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Re: Things that Theotown wants to be changed or added.


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For your first wanna thingy, night lights for every in-game buildings is on continuous update until now.

About diagonal roads, it's far from reality unless diagonal orientation cars would be supported (for me). Diagonal cars will add more texture space.

Hills are awesome, let's wait for that... (Spoiler: Someone's creating a cliff plugin.)
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