Share Vietnam region and HCMC region

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Share Vietnam region and HCMC region


Post by Truongan9393 » Sat Sep 21, 2019 16:37


I have just made one region with a giant map and one region with 9 giant maps
- How to use it: unzip the file and copy this folder to Region folder in Theotown folder (usually in the main directory)
IMG_0124 (1).PNG
IMG_0125 (1).PNG
Just some words to know how I made them:
- For example, you want to create a region with 9 giant maps. So you need to make 9 giant maps then create a json file to organize them (you need to know the position of each map in the region).
- Step 1: download a DEM map (you can download the image of SRTM or aw3d30). Download the river shapefile
- Step 2: Use QGIS to load the DEM file (.tif). Add river shapefile (then set river color is black). If you want to make for a coastal region, you should create an shapefile polygon for ocean, and set its color is black
- Step 3: Export the map to a png gray scale map , because theotowm will read this png depend on the color (from 0 to 255). That's why we should add the shapefile for river and set it as black, so theotown can understand the black color is the river easily.
- Step 4: Copy this gray scale png (for example vietnam.png) to theotown directory.
- Step 5: Open theotown, then choose debug in the setting (you need to active the experimental tool to have this function).
Then write: cr:{name:"Vietnam",bmp:"vietnam.png",size:12,maps:[0,0,12]}
--> this code will create a region, namely Vietnam, with just one giant map (12x12 this is the biggest size in theotown).
- Step 6: Restart Theotown when the debug finishes, you will see a Vietnam when you select a region.
- Step 7 (optional): if you want to create a region with 9 or more giant maps, you will need to repeat from step 1 to step 6. Remember their position and their name. Then create a json file in the region folder. It will take time to explain here, I suggest you search in the theotown forum for more detail.
- It will take around 30 minutes to make one region (with only one map). I suggest to use an Android Emulator (e.g. BlueStacks) to work on Windows 10. It is much faster. For me, I just need to download an DEM files (and the river shapefile) and open with QGIS, then export in rectangular shape with gray scale. Then copy this image to Bluestacks and open Theotown in bluestack. Just 5 minutes to make one region!
Petit Saigon.rar
(18.08 MiB) Downloaded 160 times
Vietnam Region.rar
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Re: Share Vietnam region and HCMC region


Post by Howtokillmyself » Mon Sep 23, 2019 8:42

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Re: Share Vietnam region and HCMC region


Post by Bevise » Tue Apr 21, 2020 16:31

Nice job
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