My Little Town

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My Little Town


Post by Mg3094066 »

Name: St. Pedro Mártir's Village
Seed: 1191137323
Inhabitants: 912
Description: It is a group of villages in a winter region of southwest New Mexico with a very complex traffic system. The area is full of trees (thanks to KINGTUT101, CommanderABab and Kulche for the plugins)
St. Pedro Martir Village4.png
St. Pedro Martir Village3.png
St. Pedro Martir Village2.png
St. Pedro Martir Village1.png
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Re: My Little Town


Post by Barky »

This should be in screenshots, maps is just for showing seeds :)

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Re: My Little Town


Post by PetrovMaksYt »

Wow beautiful!
WELCOME! geif83kjf4v4o4mv4tnuinwonp4rbn2958h9.

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