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Concrete decals by Pounkiller (part of Decal pack)

Posted: Sun May 13, 2018 19:56
by Pounkiller
Credit - Contents of this plugin may only be reused if you give credit to the author.
In this decal mini pack -which is a part of the Decal pack that is made by me- I present you 3 new concrete decals,a harbor concrete decal, 2 concrete roads and 4 concrete parking lots.
By the way, I forgot to place the harbor decal to the screenshot so that is in the pack too..
You can use these for making parking lots,nice looking harbors and to fill out plazas also don't forget that they are decals !
Some of these textures are made by me but majority of them are made by Lobby&Theo.
/Download (version that needs Josh's decal category!)
Concrete decals by
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/Download (version that does not need an extra download!)

Re: Concrete decals by Pounkiller (part of Decal pack)

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 22:50
by Pounkiller
Update:I've added a new version which works without the Josh's category.