UPDATE! Military Remnants Pack 1.2

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UPDATE! Military Remnants Pack 1.2


Post by Frankypeppers » Mon Oct 15, 2018 5:09

Mine - This is my plugin, don't reuse any contents of it without my explicit permission.
I am back! This time I bring military remnants!
So, these remnants will spawn whenever you create a new world. I have spent multiple days getting the first version out, then testing, the editing, just the design process.
So here is what I have got so far.
- Crashed Bomber
- Cluster bomb (dud)
- Nuclear bomb (dud)
- Destroyed outpost (non-explosive)
All of these can and will explode if caught on fire. (Not the outpost.)
Pictures of it:
Top is the Cluster bomb, bottom is nuclear bomb.
And second...
Shows all of them, including bomber.
And third....

As you can see, they are mostly (kinda) simplistic. I plan to add waaaaaaay more in the future.

Planned Changes:
-5x5 military base ruins
- Mil Mi-24 and Mil Mi-28 (Crashed)
- Boeing AH-6 Apache and Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk.
- abandoned/destroyed tanks
- destroyed aircraft

Here is the download to it:
Here ya go!
(5.86 KiB) Downloaded 372 times
- 1.3 Destroyed outpost implemented
- 1.2 Official release!
- 1.2 Dud Cluster bomb implemented
- 1.1: Dud Nuclear bomb implemented
- 1.0: Bomber implemented

Hope you enjoy it!
Nice little destroyed outpost with a bunker.
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