Asphalt trackless train underground signal area

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The main focus of the plugin is a road or appears in the in-game transportation or airport tabs

Moving Cars, ships, and planes may be included also. :)
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Asphalt trackless train underground signal area


Post by Wepf »

V2 update
What's new (and changed): Add "plugin.manifest" file and it now only have 1 bridge level

An asphalt version of underground signal area for guide trackless train

Important note: You must've download plugin from
viewtopic.php?f=59&t=14117&p=179305#p179305 first or else this plugin will error

Here the plugin link and screenshot of it
(9.91 KiB) Downloaded 1 time
Theo and Lobby: road frames
@KINGTUT10101: bridge frames
Why the train track only have 1 level bridge?
In real life, there is only ground level of this type of train. And the purpose of 1 level bridge is for cross the lakes.[spoiler]
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