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The main focus of the plugin is a road or appears in the in-game transportation or airport tabs

Moving Cars, ships, and planes may be included also. :)
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ATC Tower


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One of the last plugins I've made the ATC Tower plugin is a plugin that I've been dying to publish since I created it which I created cause the game lacked a ''proper ATC tower'' which was high and all-seeing..
It has total of 4 colors, is 1x1 and does not have a ground texture and because it's in the airport category it is easy to find.
!Disclaimer! This does not function like a ATC Tower it is a mere decoration.
I also got the idea of this ATC tower from Hamburg's ATC Tower, you can clearly see the influence I got on the orage one.
The top of the tower is taken strait from the in game one other parts are mine.
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