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The main focus of the plugin is a road or appears in the in-game transportation or airport tabs

Moving Cars, ships, and planes may be included also. :)
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Pickle Airways (NEW)


Post by KentuckyFriedChicken »

Pickle Airways© decided to join the FlyTeam Company.
FlyTeam made a new Livery for it's T340.

:?: Question 1:
Why don't you put complete plugin file here?
Because it won't let me.
:?: Question 2:
Why don't you put the Json File here?
I can't it won't let me. it makes an error if i put it and i am sorry for it. You can contact a person/member that knows how to turn the json into a file.

Code: Select all

    "text":"Brand New Pickle Airways with a Livery from FlyTeam.",
    "frames":[{"bmp":"PA2FTfixedPNG.png","w":96,"count":4,"handle x":48,"handle y":40}],
    "fly height":200,
PA2FTfixedPNG.png (3.08 KiB) Viewed 1732 times
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Hello World.

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Re: Pickle Airways (NEW)


Post by Mr. French »

Here is a rar.
(3.56 KiB) Downloaded 149 times
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