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Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 8:50
by RapidBird
Hello everybody,
This Lot was created because I was looking for a 3x3 sports facility for the urban area that is not open, such as the tennis court and none found.
Version 1 consisted only of a bowling alley, to tinker with the .json file. Version 2 will be released, the two basic buildings are from Lobby & Theo and the logos come from the free images search on Google. Modding Help with .json gave Wekabu city & CommanderABab, thanks again at this point.
And now for the lot

Sports Center
Size: 3x3
10 variations of lots with 6 different sports
Construction bar from the start of the city (o1.o1.o1) limited to a maximum of 20 buildings
Price: 30 000 T / monthly cost: 50 T
Effective range: 40

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