Generator tower by Wepf

Show your Electrical power plant innovations and water supply solutions. Waste Disposal welcome too.

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Generator tower by Wepf


Post by Wepf »

Update v2 : texture and night animation update etc.
Old picture of its texture :
1x1 (1).png
1x1 (1).png (481 Bytes) Viewed 202 times
New texture :
image (1).png
image (1).png (444 Bytes) Viewed 202 times
Update V3 : Fix Upgrades for this building's description and adds winter frame

Update V3: Adds more textures detail
for ground texture

A normal generator tower for player who doesn't have enough money to build in games power plants and it doesn't have monthly prices because it is indestructable and doesn't need a lot of money to repairs if it parts break or stopped working propery. But if you upgrade this building, I going to have monthly prices because you need to pay for workers and material for heating nuclear reactor

Note to @Lobby and @JustAnyone : The plugin is the same plugin that is made by TobyArch, I remade it because he's the same person as me and I change username

This plugin has been discontinued due to it's too Overpowered. Only people who downloaded this plugin before it discontinue and me can use it.

Here the picture of this building :
New picture of this building:
Wintah.png (579 Bytes) Viewed 89 times
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