The History of Adalia (very resumed)

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The History of Adalia (very resumed)


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15.000 AC:The first humans live in the actual Adalian Territory.
358 AC:First civilizated state-cities appear in the zone
214 BC: Unification of the state-cities of the east of the actual Territory . They formed the Kingdom of Adal, with a political system similiar to the Mayan Civilization. This kingdom have the capital in Portalia ( actually Portés, Sealand)
221 BCThe state-cities of the other shore of Adalia Lake formed Dalia Kingdom, an authoritarian monarchy with capital in Trigia (actually Oldfields , Blaterra)
876:Adal change the political system to an authoritarian monarchy and modified the traditional religion after to the Gold revolution (March 876 to November 876)
1307-1309:The two kingdoms entered into war. Adal wins , conquering the Capital of Dalia.
1310:The two kingdoms, sign a treat .This treat says that the two kingdoms have to unify.The Kingdom of Adalia, an Authoritarian Monarchy with Capital in Owita (Actual Onita) have just created..
1556:The Eurothean conquers came to Adalia... :o
1561:Owita Treat:Adalia Kingdom will be a Lancaster Protectorate for 200 years. :D
1612:Adalia changes the official religion to the christianity
1761:End of the protectorate.
1807:Adalia Leaves the Commonwealth :arrow:
1852:Adalian Ilustrates solicited to abolish the authoritarian monarchy and establish a parliamentary authority. :idea:
1854:First Sublevation against the queen Sophia XI.The authorities prevented the attack to the palace and execute the sublevates.
1862:Second Sublevation. The Baroro , Redwood and Oilia counts support to the queen with troops.The sublevates was detained but the Queen abdicate.Charles II converted in king.
1862-1891:More sublevations.The illustrates and the working class :mine protagonizate a lot of rebellions.
1891:A sublevated robs a trabuco and kill Charles II. Mary III became the queen.
1901:Adalian Revolution.
  • 14 of June: A new wave of rebels assaulted the palace and captured the queen.
    23 of September: Adalian politics finished to redact the Constitution. Adalia became a Parliamentary Centralist Republic
    2 of November, Baroro,Oilia, Redwood and Coastalia declare independence and formed the Kingdom of Northern Adalia.This country kept the authoritarian monarchy.
1986:Nortern Adalia became a Parliamentary Monarchy.
1996:Adalia acquires the Fire Territory.
1997:The Planificated City of Adaville started to build.
2003:Adalia reforms the Constitution and abolish the centralism.Also moved the Capital to Sitges provisionally
2006:Kingdom of Northern Adalia solicited to re-enter in the country after the positive vote in a referendum (78% re-enter 22% no re-enter)
2011:Capital trasladed to Adaville.
2014:Northern Adalia re-entered in the country. Baroro and Redwood enters like a "special province", but Oilia, East Coastalia and West Coastalia enters like regular Provinces
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