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Stories About your Leaders

Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 13:17
by TheOracle
Post here some stories about your dear leaders, or former or about to be the leader or important government officials or just totally important person.

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Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 13:21
by TheOracle
Kristia's story and her comrades will be changed due to why not...

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Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 15:48
by JoshuaGaming999
Sorry, we are realistic.. we change leaders overtime. I guess I won't post any. :cry:

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Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 17:15
by ArchaeoPX
I'll be submitting Dimytry's biography once I actually rework and finish the story of Arkhaza... so uh, coming soon, I guess. B)

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Posted: Sun May 06, 2018 19:45
by Henderion The Mayor
King Henderion
The King of Freetradezonia
Henderion is a king learned in Faculty of Economics and Social Science and awarded with PhD, is an entrepreneur of OK!Phone and and also
Social Network Account(s):

Title: The Majesty of Pevosi City
Reign:2nd May 1999-Now
Coronation:5th May 1999
Precusor:King William Jr. Senderico IV
Full Name: Henderion Senderico Habber Freetradezonia
Birthday:2nd May 1965
Heir:Prince James Henderion
Wife:Duchess Janet Fronkos
Father:William Jr. Senderico IV(Majesty of Benford Road)
Mother:Duchess Anna Susabaer
Prince Adam Senderico
Prince William Senderico
Prince Sam Senderico
Princess Ivy Senderico
Princess Natasia Senderico
Prince Alex Senderico
Prince James Henderion(27 years old)
Prince George Henderion(21 years old)
Prince Harry Henderion(17 years old)
Prince Ethan Henderion(11 years old)
Princess Vanessa Henderion(6 years old)
Henderion birth and grew up on Pevosi City, was educated on Sheerida Elementary School for 6 years and learned in Georage High School for 3 years and lastly 3 years is on Freetradezonia Pevosi Royal High School and lastly got a PhD at Freetradezonia National University. during his reign him has changed Freetradezonia became an economic powerhouse with build the first Stock Exchange in Theoworld and having mainly control power in economic in global.
Reign History
Ascension and coronation
At 2nd May 1999,his Majesty of Benford Road abdicated with announcement when his stated his health aren't avabile for reign and on that day he has announced he want abdicate and renamed His Majesty of Pevosi City and titled to King Henderion and His Majesty has married with Duchess Janet Fronkos on 2001 and has been reign on age 34 years old after got the PhD.

Personal Life
in 2003, he has been renamed the Bank of Stryid became Bank of Serbifan and became CEO of Bank by 2 years
in 2005, launched OK!Phone Inc and became CEO Until Now
in 2006, created and uploaded first video with title "Me at OK!Phone" and this video accumulated 239 million views until today
in 2007, created and Sandy Teoh became first artist on MusicMain,and his first EP named "Me and World" has been played 2.44 billion times until today
in 2009,starting EDP of Freetradezonia(Economic Development Program of Freetradezonia) and GDP of that year is 3.84 trillion dollars on 2009
in 2010,build up world-classes company agreement and GDP and PPP go up with flawless 10% to 30% per year
in 2013,His Majesty Announced EDP2 of Freetradezonia with more aggresive economic program which is Productive Management Level(PML) must be at 75% for Small Enterprise and Large Corpoations must go with at least 70%
in 2018 Jan,Him Majesty has opened TTNMF(Theotown Nations Monetary Fund) for replacing original TTC(Theotown Currency Exchange)
in 2018 March,Him Majesty has opened FTZGTSE(Freetradezonia Global Trade Stock Exchange)

Public perception and personality
As Him Majesty very talkative,and has been on TV Screen about 3,000 times from 1999-Now,and that is some of Him Majesty talks in record
On 101st of Freetradezonia Independence Day,he has stated,which must build up a better society with more united society with stated all person which on different race must be united.(Freetradezonia Daily Online 02/05/2018)

On Opening Ceremony of TWBF Series,Badminton is game,friendship and safety always put in 1st Place,Competition on 2nd Place,if you lose,you aren't be a bad badminton player,If you win,don't be proud on result,you must improve yourself in world with better result.(Freetradezonia Live TV,01/12/2017)

On 100th Anniversary of Freetradezonia Independence Day, Him Majesty stated,Freetradezonia not belongs to me or government and also my family,is yours and all people in Freetradezonia,and all of us has make Freetradezonia in global with shiny star in finance industry.(Freetradezonia Daily,02/05/2017)

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Posted: Tue May 08, 2018 21:44
by Nayeli Natalia
Prime-Minister Nayeli Natalia
Prime-Minister of Adelaide

Natalia is the current Prime-Minister of Adelaide, the 57th Aldorrian princess, and the 50th Princess of Candelonia

Name: Nayeli Natalia Montalvo Vega
Birthday:April 20th, 1984
Governence:April 19th, 2014 - Present

Marjorie Angelique Vega (Mother)
Carlos Javier Montalvo (Father, deceased)
Aurora Montalvo Vega (Sister)
King Adalberto II Acosta Abreou (Brother-in-law)
Alexander Heithfeld (Former husband, deceased)

Religion:Roman Catholic
Residence: 307 Emerald drive; Splendid hills, Las Catalinas.


Natalia was born in the Candelonia doctor's center hospital in the city of Madrid in Candelonia on April 20th, 1984 along with her twin sister, Aurora. Her parents separated shortly after their birth, and her mother married a Mainland accountant she had met on a trip there. They settled in a respectable neighborhood, with the address of 909 Bermundy Street. She was separated from her sister after her biological father won custody of her. She attended the Saint Patricia Academy until she entered highschool, where she attended Anthony J. Roosevelt High. She graduated with honorable mention.


Shortly after graduating, Natalia decided to study culinary arts in the Las Catalinas Culinary Arts Institution, however, seeing that cooking was not her strong point, she dropped out, and enrolled in the Isla Verde Law School. Due to the long distance between Las Catalinas and Isla Verde, Natalia worried she might have to drop out again before she could even start her studies, until her parents remembered the old vacation house they had purchased there. She was given one of her parents cars and plenty of goodbye kisses before she moves to Isla Verde. She graduates law school at the age of 29 and became a respectable politician. During this time she reconnected with her sister, now Queen Aurora of New Aldorria, and the two became close. At the age of 30 she ran for president and won. She herself was the one who was able to shift Adelaide from a republic to an empire.


Never having experienced any real struggle to get what she desired, Natalia has always been considered by the general audience as a delicate yet fearless ruler. Her wealth is demonstrated by her numerous possessions, raging from luxurious designer clothes to houses across the globe. Despite her very comfortable lifestyle, Natalia is very integrated with the community and participated in many charitable events. Although most of her family still lives in the royal palaces in New Aldorria and Candelonia, Natalia lives with her mother, Her sister and her 2 pet huskies; Shelby and Flake. Despite popular belief, Natalia employs no servants. She does the household chores herself.

Public perception and personality

Natalia is said to be no different in public and in private. In front of the press, she shows herself as a charismatic and peace-loving leader, never having engaged in any sort of Scandal. She is rumoured to have had extensive cosmetic surgery, as it is stated that she looks too young for her age, and has "the body figure of a goddess" although, by looking at her old pictures and her most recent pictures, it can be noted that she has looked the same throughout her life, and her seemingly none existant aging is attributed to her genes. Although during speeches and events she speaks about God often, she stated in an interview that she "Does not wish to affiliate herself with any religion" and that depsite being baptized, she chooses to remain atheist. She claims that she represents the life of the average Adelaidan.

Business life

Apart from being Prime-Minister, Natalia has also expanded her source of income throughout the years. She's Vice-president of HibiscusNet™ and has her own casino franchise, "The Golden Lucky Electric CatSquid" casinos, and also has her own clothing line.
She's considered the wealthiest Adelaidan to have ever lived, as her income surpasses that of even the royal family.

"I have businesses because I WANT to have businesses, not because I want to be rich. Having my own business has always been my dream. The casino business has always interested me, in particular" -Natalia when asked why she had decided to open the first Golden Lucky casino

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Posted: Tue May 08, 2018 23:02
by Henderion The Mayor
Dr.Terry Kuler
Former Minister of Royal Office & Affairs Freetradezonia
Full Name:Dr.Terry Kuler Santoso
Birthday:28 July 1985
On Duty: 13th April 2012 to 5th May 2018
Social Network Account(s):
Sharevid: Terry.K.S.Vlogs
Father: Alex Kuler Santoso
Mother: Jennifer Wriddes McHannel
Brother 1: Leorando Kuler Santoso
Brother 2: Harry Kuler Santoso
Brother 3: Mike Kuler Santoso
Sister 1: Pamillea Kuler Santoso
Younger Sister: Mandy Kuler Santoso
Wife: Nancy Herring Konger(m.2008-2014)
Sandy Liew He-Ming(m.2016-present)
Brother in-law: Prince Adam Senderico(m. with Pamilliea Kuler Santoso)
Sister in-law: Princess Ivy Senderico(m. with Mike Kuler Santoso)
Nancy Wirifodo Sernfas(m. with Harry Kuler Santoso)
Ellen DeWillino Mennov(m. with Leorando Kuler Santoso)
Son: Harry Kuler Santoso (10 years old)
Daughter: Vanessa Kuler Santoso (7 years old)

Religion: Chirstian
Residence:#15-22,Block H,Benford Heights,Maslinre Road,Pevosi Hill,Freetradezonia

Birth and Parents Background
He is born on Lestarima City General Hospital on 28th July 1985,and live in Lestarima International City Starikca Heights ,meanwhile his father is a civil servant on Ministry of Royal Office & Affairs be a assistant teacher of King Henderion and also is personal financial budget planner for King William Jr.Sendrico and with is mother on seperate on Pevosi and Lestarima and his mother is a writer with his production on "Story with my Husband"(1993) and "Me and King Meeting"(1998)

1992-1997 Teryco Private Elementary School,Lestarima
1998-2001 Wurtz Elementary Middle School,Lestarima
2002-2004 Freetradezonia Royal High School,Pevosi
2005-2008 Bachelor in Accounting&Finance,Freetradezonia Finance University
2009-2011 Master in Accounting&Finance,Freetradezonia Finance University
2011-2012 PhD in Accounting&Finance,Freetradezonia Finance University

When His on aged 15,after graduation on Wurtz Elementary High School,he try to apply for further study on Freetradezonia Royal High School Accounting Department ,but so disappointed,his application has not approved by here,he is so sad and his father tell him not try to give up and lastly his approved to learn at there.On 3 years at there,he is trying to be best and hoping into Freetradezonia Finance University(FFU) and his was success with scholarship to FFU.

In University Life
On the first year in FFU,he was success with jump 2 semester on quickly understanding and he was promoted to Talented Classes and on the after 3 years,he was want to job society,but his heart was break, when all companies are over fit for requirements set by his resume and based on this,his was learned Master lesson with 2 years and lastly,he was called-in by government for job

Having all on his wanted life,and his has good in cooking specialty excluding what learned by his major and he wants to try learn more in cooking when he retired and also his is a person who no show wealth clearly in people eyes and everyday when on job his only wearing formal shirt and in home ,he only wearing low-priced t-shirts and pants.

Public Perception and Personality
Terry has been said to be a introvert person and all can only can talk when on dinner time and also in meeting he was less speech and also him show him as peace-lover minister when on duty,and he was a scandal with ex-wife(Nancy Herring Konger) but he was kind-hearted person in office and family which is based gene on his father.

Shareviders Dream
Apart from being Minister,Him was expanded him life with Sharevid for his social time and,He stated be a good Shareviders is my biggest dream and his channel was having about 382,199 Subscriber and with 377 million views in total in today and also he is 1 of 3 person who have created Share.vid

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Posted: Wed May 09, 2018 6:17
by AvenJZR
Yang DiHormati
Amir Yacob
8th Prime Minister of Telang
Full name:Amir Yacob Bin Hassan Jafarrudin
Date of Birth: 19th May 1975
On post: January 30th 2014 - January 29th 2022
Party:National Democratic Party

Tanjong Sembilan Primary School,Telang(1987)
Bukit Deras Secondary School,Telang(1991)
Lukehammen Junior College,Telang(1993)
University of Telang - Bachelor of Law(1996)
University of Sedile - Master and PhD in Law(2007)

Wife:Diana Nusrah Binte Zainul
Son:Irfan Zaidi Bin Amir Yacob(Oldest)
Daughter:Irdiyana Nursiti Binte Amir Yacob(Youngest)

Religion: Islam

His early years
Amir Yacob was born in the Telang General Hospital to a single mother who worked as an accountant.His father had passed away few weeks ago before his birth.

As a child,Amir was very active and enjoyed running around his home.He was an avid reader and an excellent sportsman.He was enrolled into Tanjong Sembilan Primary School under the Children Financial Support Scheme (CFSS)

His teenage years
He graduated primary school with an aggregate of 247 on his Telang Primary Education Certificate Examination(TPECE).He secured a spot in Bukit Deras Secondary,one of the top schools in Telang.

He excelled in sports and academics.The Lukehammen Junior College,one of the most prestigious junior colleges in Telang,offered him a scholarship and he took it up.

The early 20s
He once again excelled in university. He was well known for his top academic results.He represented the school not only in sports but also Olympiads.
He graduated from the University of Telang with a Bachelor's degree in law in 1996.

He decided to further his studies in the University of Sedile.In Sedile, he kept a low profile and was introverted most of the time.He wasn't as popular as he was in Telang.He still played sports but wasn't as active.
He graduated from the University of Sedile with a Master and PhD in law in 2007.

Amir leads a very simple lifestyle.He doesn't spend a lot of money.He lives in a Government Apartment(GA),where most residents of Telang live in.His block is highly guarded.On weekends,he likes to spend time with his family and go outdoors.He also does his shopping on weekends.

Public perception
According to the public,Amir is a very outspoken Prime Minister.He has confidence in what he says and always champions the truth.His great public speaking skills never fail to entertain audiences.Although an introvert,he never fails to speak up.His speeches are always excellent.He backs up everything he says and will always try to put in humour into his speeches.

"Honesty.A word that says a lot.It goes well with gratitude.Without these two values,we would have been living alongside corruption."
-Amir Yacob,during a press conference after winning NGE2014

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Posted: Wed May 09, 2018 11:35
by Henderion The Mayor
Mr.John Viking
25th Prime Minister of Freetradezonia
24th Vice Prime Minister of Freetradezonia
Full Name: John Viking Anderson
Birthday:21st September 1969
On Duty:22nd June 2008 to 5th May 2018
Represent Party: Freetradezonia Nationlist Party
Social Account(s):

Father: Benjamin Viking Anderson
Mother: Janet Lee Su-Wen
Brother 1: William Viking Anderson
Brother 2: Terry Viking Anderson
Younger Brother 1: George Viking Anderson
Younger Brother 2: Randolph Viking Anderson
Younger Sister: Lucy Viking Anderson
Brother in-law:Prince William Senderico(m.Lucy Viking Anderson)
Sister in-law: Princess Natasia Senderico(m.Terry Viking Anderson)
Fang Ning-Er(m. Randolph Viking Anderson)
Goh V-He(m. William Viking Anderson)
Wife: Ivy Yong See-Ning(m.1999-present)
Son: Max Herculener Anderson (22 yrs old)
George Herculener Anderson(17 yrs old)
Daughter: Vivian Herculener Anderson(29 yrs old)
Jenny Herculener Anderson(27 yrs old)

Religion: Chirstian

Birth and Parents Background
He is born at Pevosi Forest City Hospital on 21st September 1969 and live in Pevosi Hill MetroLand Heights on young age, and his father was founder of TeraAtto Telecommunication Inc.(FTZGTSE:TATEL) and his mother was a manager of Ateix Computing Services Inc.(which is merged by OK!Phone Inc. on 2009)

1976-1981: Maryland Elementary School, Pevosi
1982-1984: St.Louis Elementary High School,Pevosi
1985-1986: McDonell Institution,Lestarima
1986-1988: Royal Institution of Freetradezonia,Pevosi
1989-1992: Bachelor in City Management,Freetradezonia National University
1993-1995: Master in Management,Freetradezonia Management Council Institution,Pevosi
1996-1998: PhD In Management,Freetradezonia Management Institution,Pevosi

When aged 16,he was failed on Freetradezonia Elementary High School United Test(FEHSUT) and was sended to McDonell Institution with Grade Point at 2.47(Note:Minimum Requirement of Royal Institution of Freetradezonia on 1985 was 2.73 and for McDonell Institution was 2.31 on same time) and he was learned hard on his study on that year and after when is was retake same test and his grade point was already increased to 3.18(was top 20% on 1986 annual) and his was sucessful in next few years on later to his graduation on PhD.

On the Political Roads
At aged on 30,he was been interested to be a politician and he was apply to Freetradezonia Nationalist Party on member also at the same year,he was elected to FNP General Secretary.on Next year he was nominated to join 22nd Freetradezonia General Election on Pevosi Southern Town Parliament Seats or known as today as Pevosi South 2 Parliament Seats,and on that year his was win the election and his was entered his climax of political roads.On 23rd Freetradezonia General Election he was try to challenge on same seats and he was win again, On aged 37,his party nominated him to be Vice-President of FNP and on next year his was nominated on to be partner of Harry Jamo as Prime-Minister and he was Vice Prime Minister on Candidate and his was elected and on aged 42,he was challenge to be Prime Minister without a parliament seats with his partner-Ben Soros also the same but unexpectedly he was elected to be Prime Minister.

Public Perception and Personality
John has been said to be a open-minded and having leadership style person, he was can be talked with someone with not support the idea or against what his say also he was having a little boss anger personality on office but he was caring and loving family person was based on both parents gene.

Quote Words
"I was not be anger on all issue,but i kindly accept all idea from all of you including which idea against my proposal or idea and i very thanks to all who have improve me on this."(5/5/2018 at his MicroNotes)

"I was unfamilar with the Galatic War,unsure on condition on war and is was not to be so realistic"
(7/5/2018 at his MicroNotes)

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Posted: Wed May 09, 2018 17:48
by RyanVJ
Hon. Ryan Jaminal
1st President of the Federal Union of Arizelon

Full name: Ryan Rellon Jaminal
Parents: James Rellon Jaminal Sr. and Jennifer Arizala
Sibling: James Jaminal Jr. (34 yrs old)
Birthday: March 21, 1975
Current age: 38
Religion: Roman Catholic
Spouse: Frances Mica Ferlon
Children: Ferdinand Edralin Jaminal (9 yrs old)
Educational attainment: St. John Bosco Academy(elem)
San Francisco Science and
Technology Highschool
San Francisco National
Educational record: Valedictorian( Highschool)
PhD on Economics
Masteral degree on Law
Political Record: Mayor of San Fransico (2001-2009)
Senator for San Francisco (2009-2017)
Union Delegate for San Francisco(2017)
President of Arizelon (2018)

Birth and Childhood:

Ryan Jaminal was born in St. Andrew Medical Center in San Francisco City on March 21, 1979. His Father James Jaminal Sr. was the 5 term Governor of San Francisco and his mother, Jennifer Rellon was the grand daughter of Fransisco Arizala, one of the heroes of the 1896 revolution. He had a good childhood under the nursing care of her mother and the discipline lf his father, though he disagrees with his military like discipline which pushed him to be somewhat rebellious. He entered the St. John Bosco Academy in his elementary years. It was a catholic school run by nuns and priest. This is in a bid to quash that rebelliousness of him. After graduating, he became a scholar for the San Francisco Science and Technology Highschool which was considered the top Highschool in the state. He graduated valedictorian, earning alot of awards from competitions especially in Science and English.

College Years:

He entered the Prestigous San Francisco National University (Now the Arizelon National University). He took economics and graduated as magna cum laude. He continued to earn his PhD, and after which he continued to law school where he graduated as Suma Cum Laude and earned his Masteral degree after topping the Bar Exams. It is in college where he met his love, Frances Micah, his classmate in law school. He was somewhat a lover boy and had 3 to 4 other girls in his college but it was Micah who changed him for the better.

Political Career:

While earning his masteral, he decided to run for mayor of San Francisco with his father's support. He run on a platform of San Francisco Likes Change. At the time, the city is reeling in from the everyday labour protests and strikes, making city services difficult to administer. He won in 2009 earning 57% of the vote, becoming the youngest mayor of San Francisco or any city in the region at age 25. His first 3 year term he focused on raising revenues so that the city could afford wage hikes to stop the strikes. But it came with a tax hike especially with the rich and wealthy. He also outlawed the death penalty and instead instituted a policy where in small time criminals are rehabilitated instead of jailed with the exception of criminals charge of heinous crimes such as murder or rape. He also balanced the budget to get the city out of its financial deficit. He won another term as mayor where he focused on modernizing the city's infrastructure and making the city government and services efficient and cost effective. Though some still hold grudge on his tax hike and in May 14 2005 after he exited city hall, he was shot once and hit his chest area. He recovered after a month and his assasin was tried and jailed. From then on he became more insistent in his reforms such as police reform, education reform which turned San Francisco City from the strike riddled, crime infested city to the commercial and bussiness hub of the region and this record of his propelled him to to be elected as Senator for San Francisco City.

From Senator to President:

As senator he passed laws regarding economics, judicial reform, labour laws and tax reform. His most famouse works included the Tax Reform Program which lowered taxes for the middle class and raised incentives for bussinesses. He also authored 110 bills, 67 of which became law. In 2010, his wife gave birth to their only son, Ferdinand. In 2017, San Francisco Senate sent him to the Union Convention as head of the state delegation. Together they formed and ratified the Articles of the Union, creating the new Arizelon from the ashes of the old Confederation. He then run as president in the 2017 elections, and won with 64% of the vote. Now his focus is increasing economic development, military expansion and securing the fate of the renewed nation in the future.

Public Perception:

His insistence on reform and his open minded and technocratic presidency earned him high popularity even before he was a senator. His mayoral stint earned him a big name in politics, he was known to be brash and outspoken, he was at times to outspoken and earned him a spotlight on tabloids during his mayoralty due to his langaugr.But this didnt stop him from being elected senator and when Arizelon was formed, he was the top choice for President. Now that Arizelon faces the world and continues to grow, the public percieve him as the father of the new nation, engaging itself to the world.

Personal life and lifestyle:

He and his wife is happily married and with his only son at their side, they are the first family that captivated a nation even before the presidency. He like intellectual and smart talk especially if its about economics or politics. He is also an avid cyclist and in his spare time, he bikes around the capitol under the guise of the night and in weekends, he jogs with his wife. He loves theatre and you might say he is a bit of an oldie, preferring classical and 60's music rather than pop and hip hop. But evident in his campaigns and everyday life, he is very tech savy and is always up to date especially in some social media networks, bringing the presidency closer, in just a click of a button. He often likes to speak, he has his own tv show once a week, hearing people's questions and concerns. He likes to go out and take a look for himself the projects, the people's problems and such. This earned him a reputation for being keen and always in touch with the people.


"Leadership is not giving more to those who have plenty but give to those who have less".
"I know im doing my job right, cus they are mad at me for doing my job right"-quoted after he was shot during his mayoralty.
"Our Union signifies not just our common culture and heritage, it shows to the world our common goals and common aspirations, to forge ourselves a greater nation, for our children and our children's children"-inaugural adress.
"Were gonna punch em in the face if they dont listen to our reforms"-quoted when he was mayor

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Posted: Wed May 30, 2018 16:54
by TheOracle
Queen Elleana A. Lionel III
Last Queen of the Former Crotona Empire

Birth and Childhood
Elleana III was born in the former Hamilton Medical center on a classified date. Her mother, former Queen Jacklyn XXIV died after 3 hours after her birth. The former King Heïnrich Lionel XXXI was very sad but promised to make her a Queen to be remembered and love. The king tried his best to make Elleana a Crotonese Queen but he noticed her terrible attitude when she did not share her toys to her cousins and threatened to kill them. Queen Elleana studied at the Former Royal Maxine University at the age of 8, pretty late by Crotonese Standards and is due to her father was forced her. Her teachers noticed her desperation for power.

In February 19, Queen Elleana at the age of 15, assassinated her father using the very blade her father gave. Before this, King Lionel wanted her uncle to take the throne if somehow he gets killed, which he believed was very unlikely. This uncle is General Kennedy. Just two days after Kennedy's coronation, Queen Elleana ordered the assassination if him and was shot by a now deceased hitman, Jōk Un. Queen Elleana being the last relative, the coronated as the Queen of the mighty Crotona Empire.

Elleana regime
This waa the nightmare of all the kings and queens that came to power before her. She used all her immense power for her personal wants. She even lead the army to march to a forest for no reason. This was the time when all the work of her descendants came to nothing. We destroyed direct democracy, she took absolute power and ordered all she construcred cannot be destroyed. She gave limited resources and men to the team of Project Blanket. She was an absolute monster and lead to a massive famine that gave Kristia a bullet to lead a revolution.

The 20 years civil war saw how terrible she is, improper commands and basically being the commander of the army. She also recklessly nuked cities for no reason and ordered many genoicides against her own people. She lost the duel against Kristia but was spared from death. She escaped somewhere....

Remarkable Quotes:

"They don't have bread, let them eat cake!"

"What is an economy again?"

"Nuke your enemies and see them vaporise with regrets for opposing your rule"

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Posted: Thu May 31, 2018 6:27
by Ace_TFC
President Damien Scott De Guzman
7th President of the United States of Rhinestone

Full Name: Damien Scott De Guzman
Parents: Eduardo De Guzman and Emmeline Dalusong
Alex Marina De Guzman
Manuel De Guzman
Darren Andrew De Guzman
Birthday: December 29, 1987
Age: 30
Religion: Roman Catholic
Ateneo de Agoncillio University - Grade School
Ateneo de Agoncillio University - High School
Ateneo de Agoncillio University - College
Educational Attainment:
Valedictorian (Elementary)
Valedictorian (Secondary)
PhD in Computer Science
Political Record:
President of Rhinestone 2016 - present

Early Life:

Damien De Guzman was born at the Agoncillio Doctor's Hospital on December 29, 1987. His father, Eduardo De Guzman, was the founder of ADC and his mother, Emmeline Dalusong, was the soon to be 4th president of Rhinestone. He was always in the spotlight due to the fame of his parents however he tried to remain confident about himself. He was enrolled at the Ateneo de Agoncillio University, the most prestigious university of Rhinestone at that time. He strived hard to do best in his studies since he was afraid of failing in life. His fear helped him become the valedictorian of his elementary school and high school.

He decided to take Computer Technology in college and graduated Summa Cum Laude. He decided to continue his studies to take his PhD.


Damien was made CEO of the largest company in Rhinestone. Despite his lack of experience in business, he continued to strive hard and help usher the golden age of ADC, which still continues today. His era as CEO marked the foundation of several Rhinean companies such as City Malls, Funny Vacation Airlines and TFC Telecom.

CEO to President:

He was encouraged to engage in politics by his mother due to the potential seen by his parents. Despite having no political background, he decided to run as President much to his parents disapproval as they wanted him to be a mayor instead. He was endorsed by Alexa Manio, the current president of Rhinestone at that time. He was the only president in Rhinestone history who managed to get a landslide percentage of 73% and elected at the age of 28, he is the youngest Rhinean president to assume office.

Public Perception:

Described by critics as someone who will strive to be the greatest, De Guzman has always strived hard in what he does. Him being the child of the most famous people of Rhinestone at that time and being the CEO of Rhinestone's largest company was the cause of his ascension to fame. These factors caused him to be confident, open - minded and vocally engaged. Continuing the legacy of his predecessors, De Guzman was Rhinestone's hope in becoming a global player. He has also been noted to be very fluent in the English language, having been described as someone who's quirkiness is having to always be grammatically correct.

Personal life and lifestyle:

Due to him being the child of the most famous people of Rhinestone, he was always in the spotlight of news organizations. He's always up to date and very tech savy which attribute to him being a very vocal president. The president on social media wasn't met with a heartily response initially but due to him being a people person, he managed to gain the hearts of Rhineans everywhere. De Guzman loves the arts of movies and music. In fact, he dearly loves music so much that he updates his music playlists every week and shares it to other people earning him the nickname, the President of Playlists. His sexual orientation has confused Rhineans for a long time, having dated women, men and even having dated President Lopez for a year. He however has opted to not disclose his relationships due to it being described as "somewhat like a college textbook".

In Business:

Despite being the President of Rhinestone, he is still the CEO of ADC. Ever since his ascendancy to being the president of Rhinestone, he has been the richest Rhinean in modern times. He however has refused to accept his salary and donates it to the country's budget instead.


"We always have a choice in life to succeed or fail. It's just that I choose to succeed." - his life motto
"I'm the leader of the country. I not only lead, but serve others." - quoted during the 2017 SOUA
"I already live a lavish lifestyle, it's maybe time for others to live one as well." - quoted when receiving his salary as president
"You elected me as the president of Rhinestone and it is my duty to serve the people for the welfare and development of your future, my future, and our future." - quoted when he won the 2016 Presidential Elections

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Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 18:14
by Henderion The Mayor
William Enderico
26th Prime Minister of Freetradezonia
Full Name:William Andy Enderico
Birthday:22nd May 1977(Age 41)
On Duty: 11st May 2018-Expected 2022
Represent Party: Freetradezonia Nationlist Party
Social Media Account(s)

Father: Andy Leo Enderico (decased 2007)
Mother: Eliza Eastor Natcoir
Brother 1: Sam Leo Enderico(m. Susanna Jack Ivono)
Brother 2: Nathan Leo Enderico(m. Sarah Harry Sikelo)
Younger Brother 1: Chris Leo Enderico(m. Wendy Chia Mei-Enn)
Younger Brother 2: Randolph Leo Enderico(m. Particia Seong)
Younger Sister 1: Ivy Leo Enderico(m. Albert Xie King-Boon)
Younger Sister 2: Particia Leo Enderico(m.Weng Guo-Xia)
Younger Sister 3: Whitney Leo Enderico(m. Lei Zhi-Hong)
Brother in-law:
Albert Xie King-Boon
Weng Guo-Xia
Lei Zhi-Hong
Sister in-law:
Susanna Jack Ivono
Sarah Harry Sikelo
Wendy Chia Mei-Enn
Wife:Jennifer Lee(m.1997)
Nathan William Enderico(Age 20)
Kingsley William Enderico(Age 17)
Vanessa William Enderico(Age 18)


Birth and Parents Background
On 22nd May 1977,he was born at Pevosi Southland General Hospital(Pevosi Southern City Hospital) and his father was a regular lawyer works on John&Andy Law Firm meanwhile her mother was a journalist works on Freetradezonia Today's Info.

2007-2009 PhD in Law,Freetradezonia National University
2006-2007 Master in Law,University of Telang
1996-1998 Bachelor in Law,Freetradezonia Law Agency Institution
1990-1995 South Pevosi Secondary School
1984-1989 Harycon Private Elementary School

Polictial Career
2014- Chairman of FNP
2012-2014 Senate Member of Pevosi South II
2010-2012 Member of FNP

Personal Life
On Him early age,he was a person who have a leadership from school which may has having his father families generation and meanwhile he was positon of 3rd in family which is a middle person on that which he was gaven the best education on works and much age 16 he was failed to turnpass to Pevosi Royal College for higher education and thats he was learning on High School until age 18.and on the age 21,he was opened a law firm which is called Endoco Firm of Law which is be a self-employed lawyer and he was learn and job on the same time and thats why he have training via online on UoT e-Learning System.On Age 32,after he get his PhD,he was invited by friend to join polictial party and on the next year,the 24th Prime Minister was early retired and same time the parliament was dissolved and he was chosen to join parilament senate seats and he was win on that,on his period he was sucessful changing the Pevosi South II a.k.a Pevosi Commerical Park was became more prosperity area,on 2014 when last prime minister has decided to let chairman seats for him for better future.

When he elected prime minister,he was not so important in spotlight and all media has tried to follow him for more knowing about him and he was tried to be assistant of Minister of Royal Affairs but has declined by Minister for doing that and lastly he was a person which no so known by public.

"No be a faliure in history" he was said on Talk with Nelson
"Be Yourself,Be only one to achieve" his life motto
"Better Nations is my target on my period" his said on his prime minister acquistion media conference
"Non OP is the best"He was commented on UHAE Army leave
"TheoEarth is my house,Bye Aliens" on Terry@Talk Show

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Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 18:10
by Ahmad Nur Aizat
Leaders of Sedile

Ahmad Nur Almizan
Father of Foundation & Formation

Ahmad Nur Azfar
Father of Development

Ahmad Nur Aizat & Ahmad Nur Aidil
Fathers of Unity, Future Fathers of Modernisation and Futurism

Enough said

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Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 20:43

Born 22 years ago at Astrellia Helenis private hospital from Helvard Ekho and Esile Ekho , Astral studied in the Astrellia Imperial School after he reached 5 years olds , he then joined Astrellia military academy at 16 years old where he studied 2 years while having its military service at the same time where he excelled , he then had his Atlantean scholarship ending exams. He then trained for 3 years with the black claw division where he learned the medical basis , at 21 years old , he leave the black claw division after his father and mother both died in a helicopter crash , he is now the Atlantean emperor , but as all atlanteans emperor and empress did , he also follow medicine studies and it’s military strategy and tactics studies as well as trying reach its sport goal .
Currently , Emperor is at his 5th year of medicine studies and it’s last year of military academics studies
He reached black belt in karate .
The emperor is married to Azure Daglevis d’Honorade , who became Azure Daglevis Ekho after the wedding .

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Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 22:30
As of now I will remove all :bx reactions of my topics since someone seems to have fun spamming that in EVERYTHING I post , he will recognize himself .

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Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 6:01
by Ahmad Nur Aizat
I kinda admit, mine is one of the most simplest stories ever made

Re: Stories About your Leaders

Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 11:29
by RyanVJ
Ahmad Nur Aizat wrote:
Fri Oct 12, 2018 6:01
I kinda admit, mine is one of the most simplest stories ever made
Yours is the simplest and shortest Lol

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Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 18:21
by Tiar/A
Eva Salamander

Fourteenth President of Zayrattan

This is a WIP ...

Born - Wednesday June 20, 1990
Maiden name - Eva Salamander
Status - alive
Birthplace - Spokane Valley, Arizelon
Current age - 29
Primary language - English
Fluent in English, French, Greek, and Norwegian

Spouse - none
Current occupation - President of Zayrattan
Previous occupation - civil engineer, women's rights advocate
Children - four daughters
  • - Pyrrha (age 17)
  • - Venice (age 15)
  • - Andreya (age 12)
  • - Eva II (age 9)
Eva Salamander is the fourteenth President of Zayrattan. She has straight, black hair and blue eyes.

Early life

Eva Salamander was born in Spokane Valley, Arizelon, on Wednesday June 20, 1990.

Her mother's name is Arlene Salamander. She was born in Tamuning, Guam, and she was 27 when Eva was born. Eva's father, Rogelio Jose-Salamander, was born in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico, and he was 22 at the time of Eva's birth.

Arlene Salamander was killed in a plane crash in Guam in 1997.

Eva's teenage years

Rogelio Jose-Salamander was a loving, devoted father to Eva. He was a poor man working part-time in architecture.

In 2002, Eva was attacked by a 35-year-old man named Jaris Wizard. Eva became pregnant shortly after. Eva was 12 when she gave birth to her eldest daughter, Pyrrha.

Jaris Wizard was killed in a battle with police in Spokane Valley.

In 2004, Eva was assaulted again, this time by 26-year-old Carter Charity. Eva gave birth to her second daughter, Venice, in May of 2005.

After Venice was born, Rogelio fled to the neighboring city of Coeur D'Alene with Eva and her two tiny daughters to start a new life.

Carter Charity figured out Eva's new location in 2007 and also moved to Coeur D'Alene. On the early morning of Tuesday April 17, 2007, Charity attacked Eva a second time and then kidnapped her and Venice. Rogelio chased after them and managed to stop Charity from escaping to Spokane Valley. An intense physical battle took place in the middle of Interstate 90 in Post Falls. The fight between Rogelio and Carter Charity lasted for 15 minutes before Charity shot Rogelio in the chest. The Post Falls police intervened by closing a 3-mile-long section of the freeway and then killing Charity. Rogelio embraced Eva and Venice before dying of suffocation, choking on his own blood flooding his lungs.

Eva scraped together enough money to live on her own with her two daughters in Coeur D'Alene, while studying her Associates degree in civil engineering. Her third daughter, Andreya, was born in January of 2008.

Eva graduated with honors from Lake City High School in Coeur D'Alene when she was 20 years old. Soon after her graduation, she was assaulted and nearly killed by 42-year-old Marshall Valence. Eva was able to call the police after he finished, and the man began to beat her. Eva fell unconscious before the police arrived and killed him. She was in a coma at Kootenai Medical Center for 70 days. In February of 2012, Eva gave birth to her fourth daughter, Eva II.


Eva Salamander eventually grew sick of Coeur D'Alene, and in 2013, she bought a one-way ticket to Venacia, Zayrattan. Upon her arrival, she and her four children were spotted at the Venacia International Airport by Alexandra Goldsworthy.

Goldsworthy took Eva and her daughters into her house in Renanna to help her get on her feet. Goldsworthy was elected Zayrattan's 13th President in 2016. Eva became a women's rights advocate and a martyr for rape victims around the world.

On Thursday November 15, 2018, President Goldsworthy was assassinated in a car bomb attack on a mall in Venacia. The attack killed 162 people and sparked a four-month-long civil war within Zayrattan. Eva was forced to assume the Presidency in 2019 due to growing civilian casualties.

In March of 2019, Eva Salamander moved into the Zayrattan House with her daughters, Pyrrha, Venice, Andreya, and Eva II, and became the 14th President of Zayrattan.

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Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 3:01
by RayXP
Reeve Carson
President of Sethland
Former Governor of Berkshire

Full Name: John Reeve Carson
Birthdate: July 27, 1955
Birthplace: Spring Hill, Berkshire, Sethland
Race: White
In Office: January 12, 2019 - Present
Party: Republican Party

Father: Bernie Carson
Mother: Laura Jenkins
Brother 1: William Taylor Carson
Brother 2: Daniel Lee Carson
Sister in-law: Diane Nickerson (m. William Carson)
Joyce Adler (m. Daniel Carson)
Wife: Jennifer Collins (m.1979-present)
Son: John Tyler Carson (37 yrs old)
Daughter: Audrey Nicole Carson (39 yrs old)
Dakota Annette Carson (34 yrs old)
Son-in-law: Oscar Dillard Quinn (m. Dakota Carson)
John Isaac Smith (m. Audrey Carson)
Daughter-in-law: Edith Myers (m. John Carson)

Religion: Baptist Chirstian

Birth and Parents Background
He was born at Chambers County Hospital on July 27, 1955 to Bernie and Laura Carter. He was born in Spring Hill, BK, a small town with a population of 2,427. His family was lower middle class, and he lived in a one storey, 3 bedroom house. His parents were from Motherwell, BK, and they didn't go to college.

1959-1965: Baldwin Elementary School, Spring Hill, BK
1966-1968: Spring Hill Middle School, Spring Hill, BK
1969-1973: Chambers High School, Spring Hill, BK
1974-1978: University of Berkshire, Perry, BK
1975-1983: Powell University Law School, Berkshire, BK

Carson was a smart child, and always passed his classes. He also played football in high school, which got him a scholarship to the University of Berkshire, one of Sethland's highest rated college football teams back at the time. He play quarterback at Berk, and also studied Law, Politics, and History at the Powell University School of Law. He graduated with a Master of Laws and History Degree. But he kept his passion of football, and was drafted by the Northeast Highlanders in 1978, and later won the Super Bowl that season. He married his girlfriend Jennifer Collins in 1979, and had their first child, Audrey, in 1980.

On the Political Roads
After 12 seasons in the NLF, Carson retired in 1990, ending a legendary career. In 1991, he decided that he wanted to be a politician. He started off as a local community leader, and then his political career went upwards. In 1992, he was elected as the representative of Representative of Berkshire 7th Congressional District, and again in 1996. He later went on to run for Governor of Berkshire, but lost to Glen Perry in the 2000 midterm elections. In 2004, he became the Lieutenant Governor of Berkshire, and in 2012, won the midterm elections and became Governor of Berkshire. It wasn't until 2017, when he announced that he was running for President in 2018, and to his surprise, won the 2018 Presidential Elections, defeating Democrat Josh Tyson. He became Sethland's president in 2019.

Public Perception and Personality
Reeve is an open-minded person, and is very down-to-earth. He is a kind, enjoyable person, and has a really special talent of leadership. He is a family person, and enjoys spending time with friends and loved ones. He is also an alcoholic, but that doesn't really affect his attitude towards other, since he isn't an aggressive person.