Founding of the Armored Nation of Philonia (PNA for short)

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Founding of the Armored Nation of Philonia (PNA for short)


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In the year 57 R.E. (revolutionary era) the small state of Philonia was ruled by a self serving corrupt governor of the Heltross Empire which had ruled the area since 74 B.R.E. ( before revolutionary era). Oneday a half Philonian half foreign woman who had lived her entire life destitute and homeless had decided to start a life of crime with 6 others who had started small and could barely keeps themselves alive with 5 of them dying after a year. Eventually they had gained the support of others and began to grow into the largest pain in the butt that the Heltross Empire had ever had to deal with. After 38 years had passed in the year 95 R.E. the woman and her husband, whom she started the crime group with, were both assassinated by a hitman hired by Heltross, and so their son took control and hid their criminal activities, and started the largest company in the area, The Bastion Corporation. The Bastion Corporation did shipping as well as industrial production, and under the guise of a car factory the made the first tanks, and under the guise of negotiating with workers union's they recruited Philonian people and started the Heltross civil war in which they eventually won on October 1st 103 R.E. After their victory the soldiers were given small payments as thanks while others stayed as soldiers, the thugs that used to be a part of the Steel Bulls gang Ironically became police officers or government officials. Nowadays the Armored Nation of Philonia celebrates on October 1st and mourns those lost in the war on May 17th, the day when the war started in 100 R.E.

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Re: Founding of the Armored Nation of Philonia (PNA for short)


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