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History of Nasht Island Monarchy


Post by DrillPeel » Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:05

History of Nasht Island Monarchy

There is not many know about Zeus Republic.
Everything what is know that they were like vikings, but more civilized.
Rebel Era

30th April 1823
Grand Old Union of Island is founded.
23rd May 1833
GOUoI conquer and kill natives on Nasht Island
30th April 1845
Catholic Islands are formed, leaving Grand Old Union of Islands, taking Nasht Island with them.
1st May-30th May 1845
May War happens. Catholic Islands was annexed by Grand Union.
23rd June 1856
Civil War. Grand Union is replaced by Catholic Islands, Industrialist Islands and Militia Islands. Nasht Island is occupied under Militia Islands and Industrialist Islands. Slavery is banned.
28th February-28th March 1857
Month War. Catholic Islands team up with Nasht Island rebels against Industrialist Islands. Militia Islands don't join war, but support politically Industrialist Islands.
War is won by Catholic Islands. After the war they do genocide on Nasht Island Rebels.
29th-30th April 1869
Great Nasht Rebellion starts by 23:45 of 29th May. Many barracks of Catholic Islands are burned, and government building are occupied. By thirty minutes after midnight, Catholic Islands sends support to Nasht Island. Rebels defend the island, and they declare independence. It's start of Nasht Island Monarchy.

Independence Era

1st May 1869
Peace treaty between Nasht Island and Catholic Islands is signed. Josh Huasanete was crowned as King Josh I , starting Huasanete dynasty.
3rd May 1869
Start of rebuilding island after long time of war.
4th December 1889
Marxist coup is launched against Huasanete dynasty. King gets assasinated, coup gets destroyed. Josh II Huasanete is crowned as King.
18th January 1891
Militia Islands demand Fughan Island, small island in waters of Nasht Island. Josh II don't accept. Start of 1st Militia-Nasht War.
20th December 1891
Day before signing treaty, Josh II is abducted. By time of Josh II being on abduction, the rule of country take Council of Seven.
4:00 morning, 21st December 1891
Militia Islands invade Fughan Island.
4:04- Battle of Fughan Beach, lost by Nasht Island
4:17- Militia Troops are rushing into center of Island.
4:20- Josh II is found dead in fortress of Nasht, reason of his death was suicide.
4:50- Militia Troops capture Fughan Island. End of war, with win of Militia Islands.
11th January 1898
2nd Marxist Coup launched, crushed in 2 hours.
1st May 1909
Huasanete Dynasty again in lead of country. Adolf III Huasanete crowned as third King. 50th Anniversary of Nasht Island.
13th May 1910
Adolf III Huasanete launch invasion of Fughan Island. 2nd Militia-Nasht War starts.
14th May 1910
1/3 of Fughan Island is captured by Nasht Island Monarchy. 2/3 of Militia influence is change into puppet, Fughan Autonomy.
Trenches are built.
16th May 1910
Ceasefire to 18th May, because of natives saint rituals.
17th May 1910
Both sides leave trenches, they meet each other at no man's land.
18th May 1910, 12 AM
Official ceasefire end. Shoots starts again after ceasefire.
19th May 1910
Militia Islands withdraw troops from Fughan Autonomy, which make Fughan Autonomy unarmed.
20th May 1910, 1 AM
Fughan Autonomy is annexed. War ends.
31st May 1910
Adolf III Wilhelm declare himself as Great Tsar & Kaiser of Nasht Island Monarchy and Fughan Island.
23rd January 1932
Fascist coup is launched. Nasht Island Monarchy became fascist, Huasanete dynasty escapes to Militia Islands.
15th March 1933
Huasanete Dynasty team up with Militia Islands to overthrown the fascism. Invasion of Fughan Island and Nasht Island begins.
16th March 1933
Major fortresses falls on Fughan Island. Nasht Island Monarchy reborns again. Fascism falls.
19th June 1936
Adolf III Huasanete dies. His daughter, Rose IV Huasanete is crowned as first Queen. She gets big support from people of Nasht Island.
31st June 1936
Nasht Island signs with Militia Islands agreement that Fughan Island will became autonomy.
2nd December 1940
2nd Fascist coup & 3rd Marxist (Communist) coup are launched. Again, crushed by military.
4th December 1940
Rascism is banned.
1st January 1941
Tornado EF7 pass the Fughan Island. Many people had no home, and some died after tornado. Nasht Island Monarchy send humanitarian help. Next tornado is in 70 years.
23rd January 1943
Nasht Press is released first time.
25th January 1943
Royal Industries is founded.
30th February 1943
Marxist-communist movements are disbanded, and leaders of last coup are executed.
6th July 1949
Peel Dynasty is founded by Alfred Peel.
7th July 1949
1st July March (to remember of soldiers who died in Militia-Nasht Wars)
24th December 1950
First Christmas monarch speech in TV.
31st December 1950
First New Year Eve in TV.
10th January 1951
Project Oksoma starts.
29th March 1956
3rd Fascist coup, crushed. Palace is destroyed by bombs send from Fascists. Fascism is delegalized.
5th April 1957
Fughan Autonomy invades Nasht Island.
Nasht-Fughan War or One Day War starts. It ends by same day as it started with win of Nasht Island.
30th June 1958
Militia Islands denounce Nasht Island for annexing Fughan Island.
23rd May 1980
Rose IV Huasanete dies. 20 year old Tillard I Peel is crowned as Lord.
30th April 1998
Tillard II Peel is borned.
10th February 2001
Tillard I Peel abdicates.
Molly V Huasanete is crowned.
Drill Missile Incorporated founded.
1st May 2016
Molly V Huasanete abdicates for Tillard II Peel.
Now. Theovision May 2018 happens. Tillard I dies.
19th June 2018
Civil War starts.
20th June 2018
Capital is captured, lord is in arrest, rule takes Ronan Schacy, and change Nasht Island Monarchy to Nasht Island Republic of Democracy. Mikolaj Brenett is fired out from Prime Minister role.
21st June 2018
Constitution of Nasht Island Republic of Democracy is written.

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